Differential reducers can be combined to maximum torques that, together with the axle load, can vary according to the application and to the customized solutions. They can also be coupled with any type of our motor technology, the excellence at work permits great efficiency and minimal clearance, saving energy and getting operational quietness.

The following optionals are available on demand: 
- Electromagnetic brake 
- Disc brakes 
- Thermal protection 
- Encoder and tacho generators

We are able to satisfy your towing and transport requirements thanks to a wide set of models and engine types and in different application sectors, for example in material handling, cleaning, agricultural, airport (GSE), automotive (AGV), scissor lifts, home-building and entertainment.

The following optionals are available on demand: 
- Thermal protection 
- Incremental/absolute encoders 
- Tacho generators 
- End limit switches: available on steering plate, with cams 
- Potentiometers: multiturn, directly on steering plate, coupled with the steering crown gear.

For our Motor pumps, according to the application, we can supply windings for high torques solutions, lifting or traction, in which the intensive use of the motor needs great flexibility, and for steering systems, assuring optimum performance in continuous service

The following optionals are available on demand: 
- Thermal protection 
- Contactors 
- Double and triple pumps 
- Pressure relief valves 
- Forced ventilation 
- Speed sensors