Board of Directors

Kim Cahill
Mary Galeone, RSM
James Kopp
Arthur C. Lange
Jeanne Marconi, M.D.
Mary Theresa McCombe
Ellen McGlynn
Paul McLaughlin
Greg Spero
Debbra Stolarik
Diane Vezza
Laurie Wilson
"These are young adults who have faced obstacles their whole lives. If we can remove any obstacle and help them on the road to success, that's what we are going to do."

- A Hearts to Homes Donor


We are proud to announce that Hearts to Homes is about to broaden its mission to assist more young adults who are aging out of foster care and we need your help!
Our History

Westchester-based Hearts to Homes was established in March 2016 as a program of Cardinal McCloskey Community Services ( for the benefit of the young adults in their care who were aging out of the foster care program. With tremendous guidance and support from CMCS leadership and staff, and a dedicated group of volunteers, Hearts to Homes developed from an idea into a reality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist newly independent young adults by providing the essentials to furnish a new home. Utilizing social media, Hearts to Homes holds online “virtual” housewarmings for each young adult as they age out of foster care and live on their own for the very first time. Our program complements other programs already in existence that support these young adults as they age toward this transition. It has also positively impacted the negative statistics of instability, homelessness, etc. that are heightened during this time.

After a recent test expansion to another agency, it was determined that Hearts to Homes has the capacity to help many more young adults who are at the transitional stage from foster care to independence. CMCS recognized this greater need and granted permission to the volunteer leadership of Hearts to Homes to broaden and continue their mission by assisting young adults at other foster care agencies in the New York City, Westchester County and Rockland County areas. 
Our Expansion

Hearts to Homes' first expansion will be to support young adults aging out from the Catholic Guardian Services ( foster care program. It will continue to serve young adults aging out of the CMCS program as well. The long-term goal of Hearts to Homes will be to continue to expand the program so that more agencies with young adults in transition are able to be supported.
We need your help! Our First Campaign is Now!

 Our first campaign is now live! Four young adults aging out of care from Catholic Guardian Services need your help! You can join their “virtual” housewarming at

Please c onsider donating an item from their housewarming registry or make a donation to assist in purchasing furniture for the apartments. Prices of registry items range from $2.29 to $89.99. Furniture costs range from $30 for a TV stand to $500 for a sofa, and a total of $2,650 is necessary to supply these young adults with needed furniture.

Every dollar and every item helps a young adult move From Foster Care to First Home !
Thank you in advance for your support of Hearts to Homes and the young adults who benefit from our program!

Mary Theresa McCombe
Executive Director
Hearts to Homes Furnishings, Inc.
51 Lindbergh Place
Yonkers, NY 10707