MIU has crossed a threshold of accomplishment and success with the celebration of our Golden Jubilee and preparing to graduate our 10,000th student in June. We are full of pride for the five decades of achievements that our university has experienced.

The Golden Jubilee festivities were a joyful celebration of our past and present, while also looking forward to our very bright future. The presence of Dr. Tony Nader at our Jubilee events and his brilliant Keynote address were the highlights of the week. The inauguration of the Dr. Tony Nader Institute for Research on Consciousness and the Applied Technologies of Consciousness added a new beginning for the university as we embark on our next 50 years.

We have highlighted the campus improvements over the past few years that have been a result of our annual Capital Campaign and this past year has been another banner year for upgrades and renovations including, the paving of Robert Keith Wallace Dr, the completion of the “Spanish Steps” on the east side of the Wege Center for the Arts, the grand opening of the Alexander and Beatrice Rose Theater in the Wege Center, and much more.

Another thrilling inauguration that took place during our Jubilee was the groundbreaking for the Global Peace Village project to develop housing in Utopia Park for a permanent peace-creating group. Dr. Howard Settle laid a cornerstone for this transformational development on our campus to re-enliven the commitment to being the home for North America's creating coherence group.

MIU is growing in so many inspiring ways, from record student enrollment to the full transformation to online education. Our campus expansion planning for housing and classrooms is underway, and young leaders are stepping up to succeed the first generation of administration and faculty who have built MIU into what it is today. The leadership of our President Dr. John Hagelin has been legendary with his whole attention to the life and expansion of the university.

The financial support of donors to the university has been the backbone of our most recent accomplishments. The campus renovations, digital transformation, and faculty support have grounded our progress. Each year we assure that progress with our MIU Annual Fund. Your donations are the gifts that energize our faculty and students to excel in producing graduates that carry Consciousness-Based Education into all areas of society.

Thank you for continuing to support MIU in so many ways, and for your unwavering support of the MIU Annual Fund.

Ed Malloy
Chairman of the Board of Trustees