Pardon the weeds, we’re feeding the bees.
Supporters of the “No Mow in May” initiative in Norwalk pictured at Norwalk Public Library. Seated from left: Mary Verel (Norwalk Land Trust); Lisa Shanahan (Norwalk Land Trust, Common Council member); Audrey Cozzarin (Oak Hills Park Nature Advisory Committee, Norwalk Land Trust). Standing from left: Cynde Lahey (Norwalk Public Library); Bill Wrenn (Norwalk Land Trust, Oak Hills Park Nature Advisory Committee); Seeley Hubbard (President, Norwalk Land Trust); Collin Pratt (Norwalk Public Library); Laurie Morrison (Norwalk Garden Club); Dominique Johnson (Common Council member); Midge Kennedy (Norwalk Land Trust). Photo by Erik Trautman.
Why the tall grass? Something’s abuzz here in Norwalk with the signs around the city which read, “No Mow in May—We’re Feeding the Bees”. The City of Norwalk Department of Public Works has designated 15 properties as project sites allowing the grass and native plants to grow to their heart’s content during the month of May when bees need food in abundance. Bee populations world-wide have declined by nearly 50% according to Greenpeace and numerous scientific reports.

Other cities in Connecticut have joined the “No Mow” movement. In Norwalk, homeowners and landscapers have posted the signs as well. The Norwalk Public Library’s Belden Avenue and South Norwalk branches are part of this initiative. Pictured at the Belden Avenue library branch are supporters of “No Mow in May”: Norwalk Library staff, members of the Norwalk Land Trust, Norwalk Garden Club, Oak Hills Park Nature Advisory Committee, and Common Council. We enjoyed the “meadow” in front of the library with a cup of tea from The Blue Teapot café located inside the library. The Adirondack chairs out front are a great spot to get some sunshine.

 If you would like a sign for your yard, please contact the Norwalk Land Trust.

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