Griffin Health PEDIATRIC Vaccine Clinics at NPL
Ages 5 - 11 (Pfizer-BioNTech)
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Planning and Zoning Department are using this interactive map to solicit feedback from the public regarding the Industrial Waterfront Land Use Plan. Please feel free to add anything to this map that you believe should be considered in the Planning process for the Industrial Waterfront Land Use Plan. This map provides an opportunity to pinpoint feedback as it relates to location --- is there currently an intersection that isn’t working for you? Are you aware of vacant land that you think should be better utilized? Etc. 
Please keep your comments productive and within the study area. Feel free to share the map link with anyone who you think would be interested in commenting. We’re hoping to get a paper version of this map posted in the Norwalk Public library and City Hall to include those who do not have access to computers/the internet. 

Thank you.
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