Update from Hawk's Nest
March 20, 2020
GBG Northeast Hawks Players, Families & Coaches,

I want to start off by thanking all of you for your cooperation and patience during this time. Every August, we seek to roster players and families that are of "high quality and high character." We have received countless emails of support from players and families and the character you have all displayed during a time like this is what makes you all so special to our coaches and our program so from our staff to your families, THANK YOU!

We have some good news and we have some bad news. As of today, our facility will be closed through Sunday, March 29th. We understand that our ability to open again on March 30th is in jeopardy as we are very aware of Governor's Orders to limit social gatherings through April 6th but as they have said, the language/orders are fluid and could change at any time. We will continue to take things week-to-week and constantly update you on any and all decisions we make.

In this time of isolation and everything being done from home, we have made some decisions and a great investment toward continuing our player's development even during this difficult time. As of yesterday, our team purchased the TRAQ software from Driveline Baseball to allow us to set up at-home training programs based on data we have collected on each player as well as what our coaches have identified as strengths and weaknesses through our standard coaching methods as well as video analysis. This TRAQ software is an incredible addition to our program and the development of each and every player in the program. To learn more about the TRAQ program, click here. There is also a video at the bottom of this email.

We view this investment as not only a great option for all of us in the short-term given the current situation but also the long-term as our program continues to grow and our players continue to develop each season. This will provide us an opportunity to work with our players year round even when they are playing other sports and aren't at the facility on a daily basis. While this option will not take the place of in-person training, it is a great addition and supplement as well as provides all our players current options to train under our guidance from home. It allows each player an opportunity to track their workouts, progress, and more!

Here is how we will be implementing this program and how it will benefit you:

  • Player Information Upload: All players information will be uploaded to the software. This includes personal contact information, date of birth, height, weight, etc. It also will connect your player's account to all of the data we have collected on them from HitTrax, Rapsodo, Blast Motion, and K-Vest to house it all in one location to create one full-scope picture of each of our player's development. It will update your account every time you use one of these at our facility.

  • Data-Based, At-Home Training Programs: Our staff will be creating data-based programming for each player on hitting, pitching, and fielding (INF/OF/C). Our goal is by April 3rd, each player will have received a comprehensive, at-home training program for them to complete daily. This will be a program to last them the entire month of April. Each player will have the ability to login to their account, see their daily, weekly, and monthly workouts all in one place. You will be able to check off each drill, set, and repetition as you complete them from the convenience of your phone or computer. As with any new software, our team will need time to familiarize ourselves with this software first, but we are excited to work with the team at Driveline to connect our athletes with our training programs (and some of their programs) remotely.

  • Development Tracking: As each player completes each scheduled workout/skill session, they will be able to look back and see their progress from session to session, week-to-week, and month-to-month. Players will be held accountable for completing their workouts and skill session assignments.

Also, here are a few other things our staff is working on:

  • Social Media Presence: Our staff members will be pumping out some content on Twitter and Instagram to provide some at-home drills on pitching, hitting, throwing, fielding, and more! Be sure to follow our staff: @paulrappolirbi, @CoachWelchRBI, @JoeBreenRBI, @Coach_Sully1, @Coach_Olmo24, @EddieFitz10 & @CoachVenti11RBI. Be sure to follow our @gbg_hawks Instagram Account as well as RBI Baseball Academy & GBG Northeast Hawks on Facebook!

  • Coaches Corner: Via social media, we will be sending out information on all of our 2020 Coaches. It's a great way to learn more about all the coaches your kids have spent time with this winter!

We look forward to providing all of you with the best option we can given the current circumstances to help everyone continue what you've built already this winter.

Thank you,

Joe Breen
Director, GBG Northeast