Dear Member Schools,

I am writing to share with you a number of significant changes taking place at Search Associates as we look ahead to the future and our role in supporting the world of international education. 

Our Founding Director, my father John Magagna, retired this past summer at the end of a 60-year career as a teacher and administrator who had a passion for placing the best teachers and leaders in schools. During this transition, the organization spent time examining some fundamental questions, “Why do we exist?”, “Who do we serve?” and “How do we best serve them?”.

Through this period of reflection we not only looked to the future but looked to the past and the core values established by my father when creating Search Associates. What emerged was a new mission statement that captures the essence of Search Associates going forward.

In this spirit we have realigned our strategic priorities and put in place a new organizational structure, headed by an Executive Team. This team works closely with our entire group of Senior Associates in our common goal, to serve and enrich learning worldwide. 

All of us at Search Associates are excited and motivated by our new purpose and look forward to building partnerships with you, our member schools, to support the achievement of your mission.

Warm regards,
Jessica Magagna, CEO