I am most pleased to share news about our Diocesan campaign, Procession—Unified In Mission . When Bishop Howard brought the newly formed Diocesan Foundation Board together in 2013, he shared his vision of a transformed Church—one that is focused on mission, rather than maintenance, and that is moving forward—in Procession—together, developing strong and healthy Christian leadership skills in all members of our Diocesan community, to become better Disciples, and to Evangelize and Grow the Church.

         This vision inspired our Foundation Board, and they decided to lead us in a Diocesan campaign: Procession—Unified In Mission. This campaign has been the catalyst for a conversation with many about the role of the Diocese as the fundamental unit of the Church. We are one church community with many micro-communities throughout North Florida, focused on discipleship and growth.

           This campaign has also provided an opportunity to teach our greater community about the transforming act of generosity—of giving financial resources in gratitude for God’s abundant grace to us all, and to strengthen and sustain all of the ministries in our Diocese in their work of transformation.

         Through our initial efforts of conversations and giving opportunities, we have raised over $13 million in gifts, pledges and bequests. While a large portion of this amount will be received as pledges are fulfilled, we have already seen many of our current programs strengthened and new ones created. And now, we have an even greater goal of sustaining excellent ministries AND building new churches in our Diocese in order to share the Good News to more people in Florida’s fast-growing northern counties. Already, we are seeing the fruits of this labor with significant gifts from several parishes to launch new ones.

         It is time to take our campaign forward to the next level. With everyone participating in this campaign, we will fulfill our vision and transform many lives.

           I invite you to watch the video about our campaign, which is embedded in this newsletter. It is a snapshot of a few of the ministries that this campaign supports and an invitation to learn more about how you can participate with your generosity. 

           Thank you for your participation with the Procession—Unified In Mission campaign. Within this newsletter are instructions on how you can contribute to this important effort. This is a call for greater generosity—generosity beyond your gifts to your local parish. We ask that you first give to your parish, and then to your Diocese. For those who have already contributed, thank you. I hope you will consider another gift in support of our collective vision. And for those who have yet to contribute, I ask you to prayerfully and generously respond to our call for support. Thank you very much.

Doug Walker
Bishop’s Deputy for Advancement & Stewardship
Executive Director, Diocese of Florida Foundation, Inc.
This publication is a special listing of those who have generously provided gifts to our Diocesan campaign, Procession—Unified In Mission through March 20, 2019. With over $13 million received in gifts, pledges, and bequests to date from many within and beyond our Diocese, this campaign has have been directly used for our Diocesan ministries in support of their efforts in training disciples and growing the Church. 

We hope that you will join those who are already included in this report by making a gift or pledge to our campaign by December 31, 2019. We will be pleased to include you in the final donor listing of a complete Report on Generosity, published in early 2020. Instructions for gift opportunities and ways to give are located on the Diocese of Florida Foundation’s website at www.dioceseflfoundation.org . For more information, please contact Doug Walker, Bishop’s Deputy for Advancement & Stewardship, and Executive Director, Diocese of Florida Foundation, Inc., at 904-356-1328. Click here to download A Report on Generosity.

Diocese of Florida Foundation Launches New Website
The Diocese of Florida Foundation is excited to launch its new website! The new site not only has a fresh look, but is user-friendly and allows visitors the capability to donate online.

We invite you to visit our site to learn more about what we do and how you can become a part of Procession - Unified in Mission . Click the link below to visit our new site.
We invite you to watch this exciting video which features a snapshot of some of our ministries that the campaign supports and an invitation to learn more about how you can participate with your generosity. In the next few days, everyone in our Diocesan community will receive even more details about the campaign and ways to give.