I am pleased to introduce this first edition of our Diocesan Foundation’s campaign e-newsletter. Appropriately, this edition highlights a significant Diocesan ministry that is sustained through the campaign—Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center. Through the generosity and leadership of generations of benefactors and program leaders, this ministry has been and will continue to serve as the Diocesan “parish hall,” a place to which many are called for physical and spiritual nourishment.
Our campaign, Procession—Unified In Mission , provides valuable financial support to Camp Weed’s hospitality and service to church groups, our children and youth, and school, university, community, and ministry organizations. I hope that this newsletter will encourage you to join those who are helping us grow this vibrant outreach ministry through a financial contribution in support of its programs and facilities. This support ensures that Camp Weed will continue to offer educational, recreational, and renewal experiences now and for many more years.

Doug Walker
Bishop’s Deputy for Advancement & Stewardship
Executive Director, Diocese of Florida Foundation, Inc.
Ashley and Keith Daw have always had a special place in their hearts for Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center. It’s part of their family, part of who they are, part of their whole existence. Their first visit to the Camp was in the early 90s as part of a Thanksgiving trip with fellow members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Jacksonville.
As they began to raise their family in the Church, they began serving with the youth programs at St. Mark’s and consistently heard about programs such as Happenings and New Beginnings which took place at Camp Weed. In 2009, their son Andrew was invited by his close friend Meredith Rowe to attend Happening 113. He had a phenomenal experience which lead to his younger sister Elizabeth attending Happening 117, sister Caroline attending Happening 136 and mom Ashley attending Happening 118. Over the past decade, all three continued to serve and lead in various roles in Happening programs because of the special place the weekend and the Camp had in their hearts.
Ashley participated in her tenth Happening Weekend this past January. “The thing I love most about Camp Weed is that you can really feel the Holy Spirit working within the lives of those participating in whatever event is happening at the Camp,” Daw said. “As soon as you turn on to campus and drive past the trees into the main part of the Camp you can feel it, it’s just palpable. One of the most powerful aspects of the Camp for me is attending a closing Eucharist service at Mandi’s Chapel,” Daw said. “It’s just a phenomenal place. The beauty of the architecture is overwhelming in and of itself, but you can just feel God’s presence when you walk inside.” 
Camp Weed also provides a unique community among people who have visited. Experiencing the Holy Spirit at work at the Camp provides an instant bond between everyone who participates in any event, even when you don’t see each other for many years. Camp Weed provides opportunities to make life-long friendships through Summer Camp, Happening, New Beginnings and many other programs that occur at Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center. “Our youngest daughter Caroline attended Summer Camp and was able to meet friends all throughout the Diocese, many of whom she still keeps in contact with today, and that would not have been possible without Camp Weed. The tight bond that is formed between campers, staff and volunteers is especially unique.”
While many people around the region have fond memories at Camp Weed, it’s important to realize that it takes a tremendous amount of financial support to keep the facilities in working condition and be able to provide meaningful programs to the Diocese and beyond. “With any organization, it takes money to work,” Daw said. “If we want the beautiful facilities to stay maintained and entice groups to visit, then the funds must be there.”
The Camp facilities appeal to so many different groups, both Episcopalian and non-Episcopalian, and the grounds themselves have been updated and expanded so much over the past several decades. “You can hike, fish, kayak, skeet shoot, face a climbing wall, challenge yourself on ropes courses,” said Daw. “The Camp is a premier destination, but it takes funds to make that all happen. I wish everyone could have a chance to visit the camp and experience what it is that we’re all so passionate about.”

There are many ways you can support the Camp. We invite you to read more about ways to give below and see how even a small gift can make a huge impact in the ministry of Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center and the Diocese of Florida. 
Here are ways in which you can designate your gift for Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center:
A gift to the Camp Weed Annual Fund . With your gift to this Fund, you are underwriting discipleship training programs hosted by the Bishop’s Institute for Ministry and Leadership; subsidizing weekend renewal experiences for Cursillo, Happening, New Beginnings, and Breakout; and purchasing needed upgrades to the guest rooms, to name a few. Perhaps you could consider a monthly investment in ministry leaders, their programs, and the facilities at Camp Weed. Here are some of the ways that a recurring monthly gift to the Camp Weed Annual Fund will benefit this ministry:
  • A $10 monthly gift will allow us to replenish the Book of Common Prayer supply for Mandi’s Chapel
  • A $25 monthly gift will purchase meals for summer camp scholarship recipients
  • A $50 monthly gift will sponsor a chaplain in a pastoral role at a conference
  • A $100 monthly gift will help sustain an improved electronic registration system
  • A $250 monthly gift will purchase new equipment at the Damon Boathouse or the duPont pool
A gift to the Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center Endowed Fund or to The Reverend A. Stanley Bullock Endowed Summer Camp Scholarship Fund . Increasing these investment funds is critical to the long-term vitality of this ministry to our Diocese and to others whom we serve. A one-time or recurring gift will grow this investment so that Camp Weed will serve current and future generations with challenging and exciting programs in a safe, sustainable, and comfortable environment. Click here to make a donation and support Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center. 
 Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center is excited to welcome new members to our leadership team.

In March 2019, Thomas Frazer accepted the position of Director after serving in an interim capacity since August 2018. Frazer graduated from the Darlington School in Rome, Georgia and studied Wildlife Management at Auburn University. Growing up he had an interest in modern languages and spent several summers in France in Normandy and Montpellier and in Switzerland. His background in land and game management, and experience in providing conference and resort style hospitality to guests and visitors will be useful as a Director to our Cerveny Conference Center.

Our Summer Camp Program also has two new leaders. Sam Marxsen and Kylle Cahill-Patray are currently serving as co-directors of the 2019 Summer Camp Programs. Both Sam and Kylle have served at Camp for many years and are excited to be working in this capacity this summer.

Sam has been attending Camp Weed for as long as she can remember. She served as a Leader In Training ( LIT) for two years as soon as she was able to apply, and the summer before her senior year of high school was asked to join staff as an intern. She then spent two years as a cabin counselor and the following two years as the office manager. Sam’s favorite part of camp is watching camper’s challenge themselves and grow in their relationships with God and each other. 
Kylle first attended Camp Weed when she was a freshman in high school and immediately fell in love. She served as a LIT for two summers which allowed her passion for camp to grow. After graduating high school, she officially became a member of Camp Weed Summer Camp staff. Since then, she has served as a Cabin Counselor, Head Lifeguard, Activities and LIT director, CIT director, and Assistant Director. Kylle’s favorite thing about camp is the relationships that form. Her favorite activities are the lake and Camp Weed 500. 
Camp Weed offers an unforgettable camp experience with a unique take on faith. Since our founding, we have remained committed to excellent facilities, and we are constantly growing. Our counselors, most of whom were Camp Weed campers themselves, make our camp experience special, and with many interested in pursuing a vocation in ministry, they are role models we are proud of. It’s difficult to put the Camp Weed difference into words, so we invite you to watch the video below for a glimpse into our Camp Weed Summer Camp!