Join us for our 2021 Annual Meeting
Featuring Guest Speaker Jessica Kantrowitz
Jessica Kantrowitz is a writer and theologian living in Boston, Massachusetts. If you follow her on Twitter (@jfkantrowitz), you'll recognize her regular tweet: You are not alone, and this will not last forever.

She has published three books, 'The Long Night: Readings and Stories to Help You through Depression', '365 Days of Peace: Benedictions to End Your Day in Gentleness and Hope', and 'Blessings for the Long Night: Poems and Meditations to Help You through Depression.'

She has also been published at Sojourners, Think Christian, The Good Men Project, Our Bible App, and Together Rising, where you'll find articles from her on theology, culture, social justice, and chronic illness.

Jessica has a BA in World Religions and an MDiv in Christianity, and has traveled to Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, and Europe to study Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Her experience includes campus ministry and interfaith outreach. She has also worked as a nanny, which she describes as "Almost every day I get to go outside, create, observe the world around me through new eyes, laugh, play, and give and receive so much love."

We invite you to set aside time the morning of Tuesday, December 7th, to hear what Jessica has to share with us for these days of crisis and change. Her voice speaks grace into those living with weariness and anxiety. She offers gentle, welcoming community spaces for those who have been actively excluded, or who feel left out.

Jessica's talk will include some time for question and response. We pray it will be a gift to those who have been leading the church through a challenging season!
The WCC annual meeting keynote by Jessica Kantrowitz will take place on Tuesday morning, December 7th. For this session, please plan on approximately one hour total - from login to completion of the question & response period and announcements. The keynote is included in your Annual Meeting Registration.
Business Session
The Business Meeting of the WCC will also take place on Tuesday morning. Based on previous experience, we anticipate this lasting approximately an hour. This year's agenda should include program reports, review of financials, and elections. Business booklets should be sent out to delegates approximately a week before the meeting. All delegates should plan to attend this session. Visitors are welcome to attend.
Workshops and Conversation Circles
Additional Annual Meeting activities are still being confirmed. Tuesday afternoon sessions will include:
  • Delegate session on potential WCC governance changes
  • Restorative Actions: introduction to a racial equity initiative at the intersection of theology, justice, and economics. This mini session will help you evaluate whether you're interested in joining a one-hour session later in the week.

Conversation circles later in the week include
  • Judicatory leaders and staff (not recorded)
  • Restorative Actions
  • Land Acknowledgements
  • Response/reflections to our keynote speaker (not recorded)
  • Leading Out of COVID

Days and times for additional activities will be posted on the WCC website events page shortly. All of these are included in your Annual Meeting registration.
Frequently Asked Questions
What happens at WCC's Annual Meeting?
The Annual Meeting includes our business meeting (hear updates on the Council's operations, vote for new members, etc), our plenary speaker, and workshops. This year, material typically covered in workshops will be spread throughout the week to allow for more participation - and so nobody has to spend an entire day with their eyes glued to the screen! Most events will be recorded so if you aren't able to attend them live, you can still listen and learn at a time better suited to you.

Where will the Annual Meeting be Held this year?
We will once again hold our Annual Meeting on Zoom, so you can access it from your home or office. A unique link will be sent for each session.

Who is invited to WCC's Annual Meeting?
Everyone is invited and there are two ways to attend.

  1. Each WCC member organization has official delegates who are able to vote and participate in the business meeting and all the events. If you are interested in serving as a delegate, reach out to your judicatory/organizational leaders about joining your delegation.
  2. If you are not serving as a delegation member, you are still welcome and encouraged to join us! Anyone can attend. You will have access to all the events, but for the business meeting, you will only be able to observe. Only delegates have voice and vote for the business session.
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