Spring greetings!

We trust you had a meaningful Easter this year with family and friends! We certainly did, and we are excited to share with you the other developments that have come after our big holiday season here in the Holy Land. Since Easter is observed on different days for Catholic and Orthodox traditions, you'll want to read about the tradition of the Holy Fire that is very popular here. 

Additionally, we have a tremendous opportunity to start a solar panel project on our BethBC campus, and in honor of International Earth Day, we figured now is the best time to share our exciting new project with you all! Please consider donating to this endeavor as we seek to create a sustainable learning environment as well as assist in caring for our earth!

And lastly, we can't forget our students and staff! The students of recently attended the annual students' retreat in addition to serving in Jordan with refugees. It is an honor and blessing to see them sharing the love of Jesus with those around them! Check out their testimonies of this formative time! Also, our long-time volunteer, Selah Ballard is also back with us! You can read more about her testimony to life here at BethBC and the Holy Land that will have you itching to come visit! 

Many blessings to you this spring season!
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
Bethlehem Bible College
Because of the diversity of denominations in Palestine, we celebrated Easter two times this year: on the 1st of April, we celebrated the Catholic (Western) Easter, and just a week later, we celebrated the Orthodox (Eastern) Easter!
One of the holiest days for Christian Orthodox believers in Palestine and around the world is Holy Saturday, the night before Easter.

On this International Mother Earth Day, we wanted to highlight a special development here at Bethlehem Bible College! As our world continues to be overly reliant on electricity and fossil fuels, we are beginning our own initiative to help curb the use of traditional power resources, and instead shift our consumption toward something reusable and environmentally friendly. Support our project by clicking on the donate button.

Our students’ retreat this year was different than usual: they went to Jordan to serve among Syrian and Iraqi refugees. They stepped out of the box, and went to encourage, listen and feel with those refugees who left their homes and countries because of war and persecution. 
Video of students' testimonies inside.

Bethlehem Bible College has undertaken a project of translating, from English to Arabic, Reasonable Faith's educational videos about the connection of faith and reason within Christianity. The Communication and Development Department have been working to translate the content into Arabic so as to use it as a tool in helping others also make these connections. It is our hope that these will prove to be a helpful resource in drawing people closer to God and understanding Him more. Check out the video in its original, English format! Also, if you want to check our Arabic translated version, click here.
If I’ve learned one thing living in Bethlehem, it is that someday the streets I walk down will be unearthed by archaeologists. We are all walking in between layers of time, over the stories of those who’ve gone before us and beneath the stories of who will follow. In this land, I can already feel the weight of the histories to come hovering lightly above me.
By Selah Ballard-One of our volunteers

  • Celebrate and give thanks for new life, celebrations and the goodness of God!
  • Lift up refugees suffering around the world, that they would be comforted and restored.
  • Pray for our students to continue being used by God in their daily lives.
  • Pray for the growth and development of BethBC, as just 39 years ago we had our beginnings with prayer and a check for $20!