Extreme Gymnastics Re Opening Plan
Hello Everyone,

It has been all too long and we hope everyone is doing very well. Many have been asking and eagerly awaiting our re opening. We feel it is about time to bring back a piece of normalcy to the children's lives. Therefore, we will be opening for ongoing team training camps and ongoing class camps. Team camps will begin on August 3rd and all others (with the exception of preschool) on August 10th. We are very excited to be offering this accommodation.

Team families: Team training camp days will be 3 hours in length. Your schedule will be emailed out by tomorrow evening along with billing info. The schedule will be very similar to the original planned summer days and times per group, but shorter.
An updated waiver will be available tomorrow and will need to be accepted prior to attending. You can do so by logging into your account. If needed, pop up instructions are available to help you log in.

Class Students: You will be scheduled for the time slot you were in before the shut down (unless you have previously requested otherwise). For those with memberships, payments will resume on your scheduled date in August. All students are welcome to start on August 10th. Your COVID makeups will be applied to any attended classes prior to your payment date. Please watch your emails over the next week as we will most likely need to make slight changes to the class camp schedule to allow for more space between each time slot for cleaning as well as the reduction in max size to 6 students per group. An updated waiver will be available tomorrow and will need to be accepted prior to attending. You can do so by logging into your account. If needed, pop up instructions are available to help you log in.

The following information is VERY important to READ ENTIRELY. It is Extreme Gymnastics new normal changes, policies and procedures.

Physical Changes Made To The Gym
  • touchless hand sanitizers for use directly inside entry way
  • plexiglass shield at reception counter
  • very limited seating in bday room and viewing area 6' apart
  • drinking fountain covered and not for use
  • removed warped wall (to reduce hands on areas)
  • removed rocks from rock wall (to reduce hands on areas)
  • removed unnecessary items in gym that are difficult to clean
  • only large blocks and training mats remain that are easily cleanable
  • the loose foam pit is covered with a tarp and landing mats
  • 6' spaced out marks throughout open areas for physical distancing
  • recycle and returnable bins removed
  • lost and found bin removed
Gymnast Expectations and Requirements
  • must wait to enter building one child at a time with mask on standing on marked 6' apart spots just outside the entry way.
  • enter building with mask on
  • sanitize hands immediately upon entering the front door
  • receive laser temperature check (recorded)
  • according to CDC if temp is 100.4 or higher is considered a fever and the child will be sent home
  • answer a few screening questions (recorded)
  • proceed into the gym to a individual marked spot on gym floor
  • must have mask on when traveling throughout the gym (bathroom etc)
  • can only remove mask when physical distance training begins
  • mask must be kept in personal paper bag with name on it while on event
  • must have individual chalk bag and spray bottle for uneven bars
  • personal drink bottle with lid or cover or cap (no sharing ever)
  • no use of kitchen or refrigerator or ice dispenser
  • no snacks (eat just prior to arriving)
  • absolutely no sharing of anything
  • must have individual hand sanitizer for use between events
  • maintain physical distance from others
  • all team gymnast will enter front door 1 and exit very back door 3 for pickup
  • all class gymnasts will enter front door 1 and exit side door 2
  • whatever is brought to the gym must go home with gymnast every day
Parent Expectations and Requirements
  • Drop off and pick up only is strongly advised (very limited seating)
  • wait until child is officially allowed to proceed past screening point
  • if parent has any need to enter the building the same screening will apply as the gymnasts receive. (only 1 family member allowed)
  • exit the gym out of the door 2 near vending machines
  • sanitize hands upon entry
  • mask required at all times
  • drop off at front door 1 and pick up at back door 2 or 3
  • frequently review the above gymnast requirements with your child
Staff Expectations and Requirements
  • sanitize hands upon arrival
  • mask or face shield required upon entry and while coaching
  • fill out state required screening questionnaire and temp check every day they arrive to work. (auto uploaded to state of macomb county)
  • office staff perform temp check and screening records for athlete, parents
  • coaching staff individually in charge of disinfecting each mat or block used after every rotation
  • coaching staff vigilantly making absolute sure the athletes maintain at least 6' physical distancing at all times.
  • coaching staff monitor and directing gymnasts entering and exiting gym
Other Policies
  • any water bottles will be put in trash if left behind
  • door 1 - front entry door
  • door 2 - parent and class gymnast exit door near vending machines
  • door 3 - team gymnast exit door and pick up area
  • only the 2 individual bathrooms available for use (always wash hands)
  • kitchen for staff use only including refrigerator and ice dispenser

It is our utmost interest to provide and maintain the safest and healthiest environment for every athlete, parent and staff member that enters our facility. We intend to vigilantly continue to do so on a daily basis.

Thank You,

Tim and Angela

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