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There are people on the streets for many different reasons: either due to unexpected life interruptions, addictions, or inability to cope, and they want something different, they want change. That's where we come in. Our Life Skills Training Center offers a way for change, a true hand up. We take in people and help them to find the skills that they need (not just to make money but social interaction as well), a commitment to restore the WHOLE person. No one is turned away, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to get "BACK TO LIFE".


We not only give food and clothing, but also provide shelter to those desiring life change. Through our Life Skills Training Program, men and women can find hope and light where they once had nothing but dispair and darkness. Healing for our country begins with the individual and spreads out to all those around. If one part of the body hurts, the whole body is in pain. Come be a part of the restoration, not just of a person or a city, but our country.


It costs approximately $35,000 monthly to do what we do and it all comes from concerned and caring people who really want to make a difference. We do not have a congregation of wealthy people (95% of our church members are homeless) nor do we receive any government funding. We do, however, have a supporter who has a friend that has gone through the program and, because of the dramatic change he saw in him, has now set in place a $12,000 monthly grant matching opportunity. Help us to reach our monthly operating budget and grant matching opprtunity and you too will be Helping People Back to Life.

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