Summer 2019

Recent Happenings and Upcoming Events
Exciting News!

There is now a nicely paved pedestrian/bike path on the Boston end of the rail corridor. It starts at Readville Train Station and runs to the Dedham/Boston line - where our trail could easily connect. The first 1/4 mile of the Dedham Heritage Rail Trail is technically done!

While the Readville Yard 5 complex is still being completed, the developer of the project states on their website that this path was created: "In recognition of the MBTA’s and the City’s development goals for this property, the Revised Project will enhance physical connections to Readville MBTA commuter rail station and will foster a more active urban environment
...Improvement of the pedestrian experience by enhancing the aesthetics of the built environment, including the addition of a new multi-use path and plantings along Industrial Drive, new street lighting, and an additional multi-use path along the northern edge of the Project Site that connects to the MBTA Readville commuter rail station" and "Improvement of environmental conditions and restoration of public pedestrian access to a site that has been contaminated and closed off to the public for over a century"

Many thanks to this forward thinking developer! This is a strong signal of commitment to the trail system. Once the Dedham Rail Trail is built, commuters can ride a bike or walk from Dedham to Readville Train Station without going onto a busy roadway.

Let’s keep advocating for safe routes and less cars on the road, and make the Dedham Rail Trail a reality. To learn more about this great development and how to help, email
Upcoming Walks of the Trail
Join us for a walk of a portion of the Dedham Rail Corridor. Here are the upcoming dates/times:

7/14 Sunday, 10 to 11 am
7/20 Saturday, 4 to 5 pm
7/28 Sunday, 10 to 11 am
8/4 Sunday, 10 to 11 am
8/17 Saturday, 4 to 5 pm

Meet at the parking area for the track/football field on Recreation Road (the entrance off of Whiting Ave. to the Avery Elementary School complex). Parking lot is just on your right. We'll have a bike or two there so you can see us.

We'll take a walk on the Avery School to River Street section and if you'd like to see other sections, we'd be happy to extend the tour!
Many Thanks again to the trail neighbors and volunteers who came out to the spring clean up!