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Do What Jesus Did The things Jesus did are not just for Bible times. They are for today. For everyone. Everyday people are seeing God's power unleashed through simple faith in God's Word; they are healing the sick, routing demons, and making a dynamic impact for the Kingdom of God.
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16) One More Move

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Identity Thief
Robby speaks to the significance of God's desire to restore the true identity given to each of us through his pursuit of us. 

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Dominion Restored 
Robby shares how to take back the authority we were always meant to have and how to walk in that authority.
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Living the RISK
Robby speaks about how to live your faith out loud.

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Spiritual Conflict
In this teaching Robby shares about dealing with the demonic attacks against you and how to walk in authority.
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Undoing Unbelief
Robby explains that there is a difference between Unbelief and Doubt. Unbelief is something we have to dismantle in our lives.
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Kingdom of God
Robby breaks down what the Kingdom of God means, how it works and how we are suppose to operate in it.
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January, 2015


   These are exciting times! Since our last newsletter (August) many new developments have been happening, but the most exciting news I will save for last.

We are continuing to see so many people get healed, receive very specific personal prophetic words, experience powerful deliverance ministry and encounter the Holy Spirit for the first time in their lives both in our meetings and out in the streets, as we equip the local churches to engage in Power Evangelism. Many of the greatest testimonies come after I leave a conference.

   Church people are operating in "signs and wonders" in their workplace, schools and community like never before, and then bringing people to Christ as a result. God is so using the average and ordinary to blow away those who think they know the box God fits in! Not only is there a teaching and immersion in a signs and wonders environment at the meetings, but many pastors are also reporting their churches receiving an impartation afterwards.

God Stories



Cool footage of a leg growing out

One of my greatest joys is equipping young people to do what Jesus Did. I was invited to return to Asheville, NC for Youth Quake 2015 by Scream Ministries. This is a combination event of Vineyard, Bethel and Anglican Churches and it is always a real treat for me. Amberlee is a young lady (pictured below) whose shoulder had just been healed. I then had her pray for this young man, with me coaching her, and the boy's shoulder was healed. He then turned to me and said, "Would you please pray for my leg to grow out? My hip is degenerating and it is 1 1/4 inch too short now." It made me tear up. This young lady had just rededicated her life to Christ the night before and I thought what a way to start off her new launch on her Jesus journey. Watch what happens. Watch his heels and not his just his toes.

Amazing footage of a leg growing out



I am consistently intrigued at how pastors will say, "I don't think we can afford to hold one of your meetings." We share with them that there are usually more people (individuals & churches) in their area who are aware of my ministry than they realize and that they will be shocked at how many people will show up and cover the expenses if they will get the word out. The Lilly family, of Auckland, New Zealand had Vision and found this out when they invited me to speak at their new church plant, running around 60 people. Over 250 people showed up after they placed a small ad in their local paper. God is so good and faithful to provide. As a matter of fact, I will be back there this coming Easter Sunday 2015!



Baptist lady gets healed after watching

"Marcy" video in church

Recently my friends Rocky Stocks and David MacGregor invited me to Christchurch, New Zealand to hold a conference, and then to speak at the Vineyard National Conference in Auckland. David introduced me to a Baptist lady whose church was advertising some of the meetings. When they had played the video of me praying for Marcy on the plane, this elderly lady stood to her feet and shouted, "I've been healed of bulging discs!" While watching that video, as she heard me recite the prayer I had prayed on the plane, she felt all the pain leave her body and all the pressure disappear. Needless to say her church was well represented at the conference in Christchurch!


Cessationist heals Deaf guy?

   A mother approached me saying, "My son is a cessationist, so he doesn't believe this is real. Would you take him out on the streets with you?" I did, and we gave words to many and saw several people experience some healing. We had a professional film crew with us who is making a documentary on Power ministry. One of them noticed a deaf man. It just so happens that I have "survival" sign language. I asked the man if we could pray for him. So I prayed for this deaf man's feet, which were in extreme pain, and they were both healed after praying twice. I then had Chance (the young cessationist) pray for his hearing, and God opened up the deaf man's left ear! He prayed four times (first two with no results, but then it happened quite rapidly). The man was turning his head with every street sound saying, "What was that?!" He was hearing every little sound and not able to identify it!

   I later received this Facebook message from Kimberly, Chance's sister. "My brother Chance is the one who helped heal the deaf man with you. He is totally wrecked after that so thank you for being so awesome!"




Facebook Testimony of Autism healing

Tina Landreth writes:

"About 2 years ago my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 7. We were living a nightmare but would not stop chasing God for his healing. Then a friend emailed me Robby Dawkins' YouTube testimony of he and his wife praying over their son with autism. I copied the prayer word for word and posted it on my son's headboard, mirror, and our kitchen cabinets. I explained the prayer to my son and we prayed it every morning and every night just as Robby and his wife did over their son. I knew the power was not in the recited prayer but in the revelation behind the prayer. We finally had our understanding of how to attack this thing spiritually. Within a month his symptoms started leaving one at a time. Each day the chains fell off! He is now at least 90% healed! I am doing my best to help others find freedom too! I want to say thank you so much for your testimony of praying for your son!"



 Santiago Chile

Last year and the year before I ministered at conferences for several churches in Chile at the invitation of my friend, Roger Cunningham. We saw so many people touched and impacted by the Holy Spirit; the stories were just too many to track. God spoke to me while there the first time that there would be a "firestorm" of the Spirit that would start in 2015 in Chile that would spread through the young people. I am going back at the end of February to do a youth conference and we are expecting that "fire" to spark! Please be praying for this event.

Power and Love


I have been part of the schools of "Power and Love" for almost two years now and have seen so many people equipped to know their True Identity. Working with Bob Hazlett, Todd White and Tom Ruotolo in these schools has been such a blessing for me - I have learned and grown so much. I am continually blown away by all the testimonies that come in on a daily basis during the meetings, as well as after we have left town! In 2014 we held schools in Lexington, KY; Toledo, OH; Denver, CO; Oklahoma City, OK; and Springfield, MO.



And now ... the Big News!

   Over the past several months I have been contacted by four different Hollywood production companies. They all have various ideas about capturing "signs and wonders" out on the streets demonstrating God's power in a "naturally supernatural" way. After seeing some of my teaching and testimonies on YouTube, as well as documentaries such as "Furious Love", each felt this was something they had to capture. I have turned down a few that I felt were not going to reflect the work of the Holy Spirit in the most Christ-honoring way, even though they may have greater records of successful shows like this.

The people I am working with have had success in major movies and television shows airing today. I've told them that I know individuals who would look way better on camera than me! Two of them answered me by saying, "You know why we want you?" I said, "Not really." They replied, "Don't be nice to me." They went on to explain, "That thing you say after you've prayed for someone to be healed or give them a prophetic word. You ask how they feel now or if the word made sense to them, and then you say, 'Don't be nice to me.' That's how we know you're for real."

   So I will have to set aside blocks of time in my schedule for doing some filming for a television sizzle to be pitched to secular networks. I ask for your prayers for favor and for the Lord's leading, as well as for provision for my family as this will mean fewer speaking engagements. But most importantly, pray that we will have Holy Spirit-led encounters that will change people's lives, bringing people to Christ (both while watching, like the Baptist lady in New Zealand, and while receiving ministry in real time while taping). I am so excited at these possibilities for impacting the Kingdom of God in a unique way!



Upcoming Trips
24-25 - The Vineyard Church, Urbana IL
28-31 -  Vineyard National Conference, Urbana IL
6-8 - Northgate Church, Woodstock GA
18-20 - Global School of Awakening, PA
21-22 - Shore Vineyard, PA
25-28 - Youth Conference, Santiago Chile
6-8 - Central Vineyard, Northampton, England
11-12 - Leicester, England
13-15 - Leeds Vineyard, England
20-24 - Cambridge Canada Vineyard Conference
25-28 - Power and Love Conference

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