Exciting Updates to Women 100

A Message from the President of Vision 2020
A year ago, when COVID-19 abruptly upended our plans for Women 100, I'll admit to a few moments of doubt about whether we could adapt to the unprecedented circumstances and pull off a year-long celebration of American women.

Now eight months into our revamped 12-month program, we are energized by the success of Women 100 to date. Having reimagined our ticketed in-person events, we happily learned that going virtual and inviting the public at no charge greatly increases the audience for our messages about the unfinished business of women’s equality. And really, that was the whole point from the very beginning.

I'm excited to update you on our plans for the final four months of Women 100. Our next program, the Vision 2020 National Congress, will be held June 15-16 as a hybrid virtual event. The Congress consists primarily of working sessions for our Delegates and Allies. But several sessions will be open to the public, including one or two featured speakers and a live, curator-led tour of our acclaimed exhibition, Seat at the Table. Vision 2020 will host the Congress via livestream from the exhibition in the lobby of the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia. 
We are updating the exhibition content prior to reopening Seat at the Table when the Kimmel Center reopens. Kimmel Center leaders have kindly agreed to keep the exhibition open through Women’s History Month in March of 2022, providing a fresh opportunity for the many school groups that wanted to visit. To help teachers during the pandemic, we created a virtual field trip to the exhibition, including a video tour and an exceptional Educator’s Guide.
The new grand finale of Women 100, replacing the indoor Celebrating Women event, will be an expanded Toast to Tenacity, outdoors on August 26. We are in talks to make our Toast the kickoff to a four-day City of Sisterly Love Celebration involving our Proud Partners, Allies and others in our home city of Philadelphia. Details to come!
Lynn H. Yeakel, Founder and President, Vision 2020
Women 100 Events
Spring Breakthru Recorded Sessions and Short Films Fully Accessible on Website
In case you missed parts of Spring Breakthru, would love a refresher or simply want to enjoy the program at your convenience, we’ve posted all of the recorded sessions and UNLADYLIKE2020 short films to the Spring Breakthru web page for viewing.

What was on the docket?
Keynote Speaker: Gender scholar, author and journalist Liz Plank compared the patriarchy to a pyramid scheme. Only those at the top benefit.
How to Build a Movement: Take risks while taking care of yourself. Activists shared a wealth of insight and advice for participants who were seeking to do more intentional work to foster change and promote social justice.
The Future of the Workplace: We were joined by three professionals who followed very different paths but shared some common experiences as they found themselves in their current careers. Every journey is different and valid.
Engaging in Civic Issues: Our panelists shared their own stories of running for office and running voter mobilization, while also discussing how their respective organizations geared up for the 2020 election and how they prepare for future elections. Rock the Vote also hosted voter registration training.
Peer Leader Breakout Sessions: Students met with peer leaders between sessions to discuss the content and ways to make change on their respective campuses.
UNLADYLIKE2020 Short Films: We featured five UNLADYLIKE2020 short films to share the stories of unsung heroes of the women’s movement. View all five films on the Spring Breakthru website.

Vision 2020 thanks Penn Mutual for sponsoring this event.
Vision 2020 Coalition
Delegate Co-founds Student Podcast Platform

Nicole Stephenson, a Vision 2020 Pennsylvania Delegate, co-founded and serves as chief people officer for CollegeCast LLC. The new podcast platform presents college students with the opportunity to empower their own voices and take charge of their own outcomes, through an experiential learning program in the podcast industry.

The Forum Hosts Leadership Symposium
Thursday, May 13, 8:30 - 10:30 am ET

Vision 2020 coalition members are invited to join our Allied Organization, The Forum of Executive Women, for their next signature event featuring plenary keynote Suleika Jaouad.
Participants also can select one of two breakout sessions: “Do No Harm: Solutions to Address Health Barriers and Equitable Entry Disparities for Women” or “Leadership for a New Era: Board Diversity, Company Performance & Governance. Learn more and register.

Final Days: When Women Lost the Vote

Exhibition Closes April 25

Did you know that women and free people of color had the right to vote in New Jersey from 1776 to 1807? Philadelphia's Museum of the American Revolution, a Women 100 Proud Partner, is in the final weeks of its special exhibition, When Women Lost the Vote. Guests can visit safely in-person or take the virtual tour. (Photo courtesy of Museum of the American Revolution)
Empowering Photo of the Month
First grader Kamryn Gardner wrote a letter to Old Navy about an injustice that was bothering her. Her brother's jeans had real pockets. Hers did not. "I do not like that the front pockets of girls jeans are fake," Kamryn wrote. "I want to put my hands in them. I also would like to put things in them. Would you consider making girls jeans with front pockets that are not fake." Her mother, Kim Gardner, later watched as the 7-year-old opened a package containing a thank-you note from Old Navy for her feedback and several new pairs of jeans — with functional pockets. Read more. (Photo courtesy of NWA Democrat-Gazette/Andy Shupe)
Dianne L.
Judith M. von Seldeneck
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