A Season of Evolution
The Future is Bright!
Change is a leap into the unknown and that is why one can become resistant; however if we are not changing, we are not moving forward. 2018 has been a year of many changes at FuseSocial.

The month of June was a very active and exciting time here at FuseSocial. We elected a new Board of Directors on June 21, 2018. Our Board of Directors are John Evans, Board Chair; Rolando Inzunza, Vice Chair; Jesse Hall, Secretary; Russell Thomas, Director; and Clifford Dimm, Director. We are still in search of a Board treasurer, so if you are looking at giving back to your community and have financial experience, please contact us to join the FuseSocial Board of Directors.

In June we also said goodbye to Bonnah Carey as she is off to start a new chapter in her career, retirement! We also said hello to our new leader. Welcome Chantal Beaver! Chantal is excited to work with her team to continue to make positive impacts to our community and ensure FuseSocial continues to be a strong contributor to Wood Buffalo’s social profit sector for years to come.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jacqui Everson and Sheri Donovan for their unrelenting dedication, and tireless work, over the last 2 years with FuseSocial. We wish them all the best in their careers as they continue to impact the Wood Buffalo community in their new and exciting roles with the Canadian Mental Health Association and Suncor Energy Centre for the Performing Arts, respectively. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with them in the future as they continue to build a strong community.
More Changes on the Horizon!
Building Our Team!
FuseSocial is pleased to announce the appointment of Milena Joveska to the position of Manager, Volunteerism, effective July 30, 2018 and Brandi Gartner to the position of Manger, Leadership and Education, effective August 13, 2018.

Brandi Gartner is a community connector who works with the diverse communities within Wood Buffalo to find creative and collective solutions that fit the needs of our region. Brandi knows the strength of any community is found in the quality of relations among all sectors and the willingness for us to learn from one another. She believes that everyone has unique talents and skills that are necessary to solve the challenges facing our communities. We all play a part in ensuring our communities are healthy, happy, and thriving.

 Brandi moved to Wood Buffalo in 2007 and has over 15 years’ experience working with government, oil and gas, education and the social profit sector. She holds a MA in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan. When she is not enjoying time with her family and friends, she loves to explore the creative side of life through drawing, painting and dance.
Milena Joveska is a Champion of Change, and she has been building volunteer capacity and connecting the social profit organizations with great people who want to make a difference.

Her background is in education and project management. She’s been actively involved in the community ever since she moved to Fort McMurray in 2014 by supporting various causes through fundraising, committee leadership, volunteer management and helping people with achieving their full potential.

Answering the question “What are you doing for others?” is a driving force in a strong community and leads to positive change, connectedness and resilience. For Milena, it has become a way of life.
Relocating for Stronger Partnerships!
We are excited to announce our move this fall to the Redpoll Center at Shell Place.

We look forward to continue to strengthen and build our partnerships with all agencies and look forward to collaborating more with our neighbor agencies.
In Case You Missed It...
Applications Being Accepted!!!
We are currently accepting applications to the 2018/2019 Session of Leadership Wood Buffalo. If you are someone, or know someone, who is a community minded leader, we encourage you to join the prestigious ranks of the over 200 Alumni of the program.

We are also looking for organizations to submit ideas for community action plans. What is that? This is a way for the LWB Cohort to do hands on learning in the community while helping your organization fulfill a need/goal. Contact us for more info on how to be involved.

Unwrap The Research
In June we held a day for the social profit sector and other stakeholders to learn and unfold some of the findings from several of the research projects conducted since the 2016 wildfire.

We encourage the community and stakeholders to go to our website for the information and full reports and utilize it to inform your organizations as you see fit. FuseSocial will continue to use this information and work with the sector to ensure we can thrive and continues to work together.

More Exciting Things to Come...
FuseSocial has a jam-packed Academic Calendar lined up for the Fall Session. Whether you are looking for board supports, volunteerism supports, or HR information, we've got you covered! August 10, 2018 we will publish and open registration for sessions all kicked off by Community Registration Day on September 8.
We are excited about the future of FuseSocial, the Social Profit Sector and the work we can do together so that Wood Buffalo can continue to be a healthy and vibrant community

Our current team:

Chantal Beaver, Chief Social Entrepreneur
Michelle Lange, Operations Director
Cathy Baker Morrell, Directors Associate
Babs Weber, Manager, Organizational Effectiveness
Candace Sturgess, Events & Communication Contractor

and our two new recruits:

Milena Joveska, Manager of Volunteerism
Brandi Gartner, Manager of Leadership and Education.

We look forward to helping you get to know our new board and new team over the next few months!