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May E-Newsletter
(Includes links to workshop teaching notes in English and 
to Tim's teaching on the life in the Spirit in French)
Spirit-Led Leadership Training for 
Myanmar Baptist Convention Regional Directors

MBC Headquarters (Yangon, Myanmar)
On May 7-9, nearly 30 leaders serving in the Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC) gathered for a three-day workshop on Spirit-Led Leadership. MBC churches host over 1 million members plus 600,000 non-baptized attendees, comprising roughly half of all the Christians in Myanmar. The country is divided into 18 regions and includes all the major ethnic groups. 15 of the 18 Regional Directors participated in the workshop.

As one person observed, in a land with so much conflict and fighting, it was amazing to spend three days with members of all the major ethnic groups meeting with a spirit of great peace and joy. He said, "I didn't see Karen, Kachin, Chin or any other particular ethnic group. I saw a room full of Burmese Christians, unified and harmonious."

As we have experienced over and over again with the Spirit-Led Leader training, God works through the workshop to breathe new life into weary pastors and leaders. The teaching gives them new inspiration and concrete tools they can use to improve their leadership, which they eagerly and gratefully receive.

On left: Rev. Dr. Eh Thaw, Director of Ministers' Department (MBC)
On right: Rev. Dr Thang Cin Lian, General Secretary (MBC)

Here are some of the comments from the pastors and leaders who participated in the workshop:
"I accept now that sufferings in my life will lead me to be [more] mature."
"I'm now motived to be a Spirit-led leader, and not just work with the Holy Spirit. I'm very inspired."
"Before this workshop, I have felt unsure of myself in leadership, but now I have learned some methods that are going to help me to be a better leader."

"I can see my weaknesses. I need to live in humility and to submit to the leading of Holy Spirit."
"I now feel motivated to attend to unaccomplished works."
"I'm inspired to live with more spiritual discipline."
"I realize that I have been neglecting what I knew I should have been doing. This workshop also gave me new strength."

"I need to call and train spiritual leaders."

"This workshop has inspired me to work more systematically and do more planning."
"I need to try more."

"I understand that the Holy Spirit is always with me and we must be Spirit-led leaders when we are leading people."
"The Associations especially need this kind of Spirit-led workshop. I hope there will be more workshops and trainings. I would like to suggest that the seminaries, organizations, and Associations/Conventions hold this kind of spiritual workshop."

Thank you for your prayers and support our Christian leadership development programs globally. I will be back in the USA for the summer. I hope to connect with many of you, especially those who live in Minnesota. I'm eager to tell you more about how God is at work changing lives in Myanmar.
Serving Christ with you,

Rev. Timothy C. Geoffrion, Ph.D., D.D.
President and Teaching Minister
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Tim's teaching in French 
Une Conférence à la  Retraite Cathédrale,  April 27th, 2018
"La vie dans l'Esprit" ("Life in the Spirit")

Tim and Jill leading communion as part of the eight day Retraite Cathédrale (Chartres, France)

Day Spirit-Led Leadership Training Workshop
Myanmar Baptist Convention Directors
May 7th-9th, 2018


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