Dear Friends of MAG,

We hope this finds you having a wonderful fall!

We wanted to share several exciting new works by our artists and look forward to seeing you this season!

Be sure not to miss Scott Randolph's and a few other meaningful artist's statements below.

Our very best to you,

Sue Ann, Margaret & Dea
The Mackinac Bridge is one of Michigan's most iconic landmarks. Construction of this 5 mile bridge began in 1954 and by the year 1998 it had over 100 million crossings. This drone photo named, "Don't Look Down," was captured by Tyler Leipprandt at the perfect time in March of 2018 as the diamond looking ice was melting. The metal grates that create the inner lanes on the bridge provide a queasy feeling for some but give a thrill for others. The frame of this photograph is created from the original grates that many of the Mighty Mac's travelers drove on to get to the upper or lower peninsula. These grates are over 60 years old and pay tribute to the hard work and dedication of those workers who made the Mackinac Bridge a reality.
Mackinac Bridge
don't look down
aerial drone photograph on brushed aluminum metal mackinaw bridge, march 2018
 frame: 60 year old original bridge grate
44"h x 37"w
 tyler leipprandt
Outsider artist Jil Johnson has titled her new work "And They All Lived Together in a Little Crooked House" (inspired by Mother Goose's nursery rhyme.) She has carved 12 dolls of various sizes with hinged appendages, as well as built the eccentric hinged crooked little house. Several dolls have secret compartments holding smaller dolls within themselves. One doll has a face on each side of its head. The dolls can be positioned in a infinite variety of ways.....hanging out of windows, sitting on the roof, etc. In the second photo below is her artist's statement on the back of the house.
Jil Johnson 1
and they all lived together in a little crooked house
mixed media 
14.5"h x 14.5"w
jil johnson
Jil Johnson 2
Fox and York
left: waterway 
architectural assemblage
42"h x 25"w
 larry fox
 right: angus & his imaginary friend
clay, found object assemblage
29"h x 8"w x 4"d
 michelle tock york
Thanks to artist Steve Wirtz and his current MAG exhibit "Absurd Dynamism" featuring his wire and laminated paper sculptures. His works are compositions of action and sometimes foolish drama. Anthropomorphism, exaggerated characteristics and impressionist-like color schemes are all on display for this fall event.
Steve Wirtz
clash of the titans 1972 
wire and laminated paper
36"h x 20"w x 13"d
steve wirtz
Leanne Schnepp's artist statement: Of all of Picasso's models, Madeleine is the least known. She was Picasso's muse in the early 1900's through his Blue and Rose Periods. I wanted to recreate her in order to bring her into the light and to show her as a proud, beautiful woman. I painted her in monotone blue instead of the contrasting blue and rose tones to harmonize the palette and emphasize calm and peace. There are doves resting on her in order to play with the idea of a living being surrounded by peace, and also a public sculpture becoming a gathering place for birds, a place to land and rest.
Leanne Schnepp
stoneware bust
24"h x 12"w x 9"d
leanne schnepp
Pat Custer Denison
late autumn
50"h x 68"w
pat custer denison
Bill Henig
bob marley
mixed media beer cap fish
11.5"h x 23"w
bill henig
Alice in the willow
alice in the willow
sewn collage with vintage sheet music
24"h x 18"w
colleen o'rourke
various artists
left: giving tree of life triptych
mixed media collage, 18"h x 24"w each
edith pair 
right: framed lino cut prints,  16"h x 20"w
laura delind 
bottom: helen of troy
mixed media fish, 19"h x 47"w
edith pair
Scott Randolph's artist statement: My art seeks to build a path to the most important place in the world-the heart. I am always looking to create something that bypasses the busy monkey mind with its endless concerns of the material world, to impulse that pure place where we just smile. I used to think that this was a silly and inferior use of art-perhaps not even art at all-but of course I was wrong. This is serious stuff. When that smile occurs and the heart swells with happiness, the rest of the world falls back into its rightful place.
Scott Randolph
keep the devil in the box
metal mixed media
8"h x 10"w x 7"d
scott randolph
Carla Sutton's artist statement: I think the best thing about being an artist is having the opportunity to present both the everyday and the iconic in such a manner that people see those images in a new way. Sometimes, after the artist has interpreted a scene, we are better able to see the many nuances that bring us back again and again to relive the moment. Shapes, color, and the play of light all help to create a mood that can be very satisfying in any number of ways.
Carla Sutton
oil on canvas
44.25"h x 32.25"w framed
carla sutton
Doug Delind
the angel
raku fired clay
60"h x 18"w
doug delind
top:  frequency
architectural assemblage, 25"h x 73"w
larry fox
middle:  pepper  triptych 
graphite, graphite putty, 35"h x 26"w each
meredith krell
bottom:  demetrius the fair (fish)
mixed media, 21"h x 48"w
edith pair
Laurie Meseroll
i am free III
acrylic mixed media
40"h x 30"w
laurie meseroll
Betsy Emrich
crow book collages
mixed media
5"h x 7.5"w
betsy emrich
Sharon Harms
a proper husband
oil on canvas
50"h x 26"w
sharon harms
Chandra Jennings
seashore sentinels
scratch board etching
32.5"h x 26.5"w
chandra jennings