AAON already meets federal government minimum EER regulations for 2023 because we offer several compressor types for High Efficiency Packaged  Rooftop Units.
Compressor Technologies:
  • On/Off Scroll
    • Lowest cost
    • Lowest IEER
    • Simple Controls
  • Variable Capacity Scroll
    • Second highest EER 
    • High IEER
    • 10-100% modulation
    • Best compressor for split systems
    • Complex controls
  • Variable Speed Scroll
    • Lowest EER
    • Highest IEER
    • Precise modulation with electronics TXV
    • Sophisticated controls
  • (2) Two-Stage Scroll
    • Highest EER
    • Second highest IEER
    • 5 steps of modulation
    • Simple controls
  • Turbocor® Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal 
    • Expensive, but worth it!
Best value - (2) Two-Stage Scroll - great short and long-term benefits with high IEER and simple controls.  AAON's two-stage scroll compressors provide both the simplicity of the staged  capacity control as well as the high part load efficiencies of variable capacity compressor systems. 

This option will offer a streamlined, efficient and compliant system for years to come.

If you're looking for the perfect program to assist with...
  • building energy analysis or comparisons
  • swimming pool loads
  • DX pipe sizing
  • duct friction calculations
  • psychrometric analysis
  • barrier wall sound attenuation calculations 
  • underfloor design
  • plenum temperatures, or 
  • fan laws 
...then the EES Calculation tool is right for you. Analyze and visualize your ideal HVAC system!
Download the AAONECat32™ program now, and you'll receive EES Calculation Tools for free! 
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For more information,  please contact Jerry Cohen or visit our website.
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