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 Pos-A-Bits                                      August 2012
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Keep current with all our upcoming events by checking the calendar on our website!


Some upcoming events include:


September 19- the launch of "Try on a Disability". Our exciting new film!


October: Vancouver Film Festival in October. Hopefully we will be chosen to be a part of this event. We'll keep you posted!


November: Gift and craft show at the Kinsmen Centre in Aldergrove - see below for more details.

Langley 2-4 a Success! 


Thank you to everyone who came out! It was a huge success! Please check out the pictures on our website!

Rick Hansen Update


The Rick Hansen Foundation has started a new website to report on accessibility issues and welcomes input from people as to how accessible facilities are. The website is  Check it out and put your comments in.

Disability Equipment

We are in the process of posting pictures of all the equipment that we have ready to go out to people in the community. The plan is for this to be up and running by the end of this month at the latest. 


Please click on the link to view the equipment we have. If you know of someone who might need this equipment let them know that we are here. If you know of someone who might have equipment to donate please let them know that we need donations. 


The plan is to keep this site updated as the equipment comes and goes.


Can You Help?


We are an organization entirely staffed by volunteers; we need to raise money and attract volunteers to staff our events. 


If you like what we do and feel that this organization is of benefit to our community and can donate money and/or time we would welcome either or both.

Langley Pos-Abilities Board Members


Zosia Ettenberg - President Email 


John Hubbard - Vice President and working with our equipment donations Email


Ruth Austin - Secretary / Treasurer Email


Ken Hinton - Director Email 


Toni-Anne King - Director and print designer Email 


Tracy Boyd - Director and working with communications and photography and internet Email 


Travis Moore - Director Email 

Contact us:
Langley Pos-Abilities Society
#80 - 2270 196th St
Langley, B.C. V2Z 1N6


Many of you are receiving this newsletter for the first time. We hope that you will be very interested in what we are doing in our community. If not please feel free to unsubscribe and we will do so immediately. We will not be offended because we realize that in this age of social media we are bombarded from all sides and must pick and choose in order to maintain our sanity. 


We would like to draw your attention to our exciting news of our finished film "Try on a  Disability" and our red carpet Premiere Presentation. Please see below for all the details!


Thanks to all our board members, volunteers, and sponsors - you all make Langley Pos-Abilities what it is today!


Make it a great day!



Exciting News!
Try on a Disability
We have finished the film "Try on a Disability" and it has been submitted to the Vancouver Film Festival. Apparently 800 films are submitted annually and they accept about 10%. Wish us luck!


What is more exciting is that we are having a premiere on Wed, Sept 19th and we are in the process of creating the guest list. The written invitations are being mailed out on August 16th so if you know of someone who should be invited please send me their name and address so I can get their names on the list. 


This is going to be a black tie affair with a red carpet and introducing the newest winery in Langley called Krause Berry Farms and Estate Winery who will be providing the wine for the event. By the time this event takes place we hope to have an exciting announcement about the film festival.

Congratulations! Cirque Du Soleil

The winner of the two tickets to Cirque du Soleil is Crystal Muller from Langley who informs me that she is getting married on Saturday. What a lovely way to start off her new life! Congratulations!
Craft & Gift Fair

Saturday, Nov 10

Aldergrove Kinsmen Centre 


We are planning a Craft and Gift Fair and are looking for people who might want to take part. 


We will have 8 foot tables and the cost will be for a whole or half table. If you know of someone who would like to have a table please pass this info on. 


For further information please contact us through email here

Back in a chair, thanks to Pos-Abilities!


Each month we want to share with you a little bit about our valued board members. This month we interviewed Tracy Boyd, our Director of Communications.


Tracy Boyd was born in Dunedin, Florida in 1960 and moved back and forth between Canada and the United State through much of her childhood, settling in the Lower Mainland back in 1991 and settled in Langley in 2005.


While she has worked many different types of jobs through her 50-plus years, from ranch hand and locksmith to flagger and security guard, the most memorable was a lighting and sound technician position at the Grand Ole Opry.


Working with the likes of Reba McEntire and Garth Brooks, she loved being immersed in the country music industry in Nashville, Tennessee. But that all came to an abrupt end when she fell 40 feet, suffering a broken back, shattered knees, and other assorted injuries.


That accident confined her to a wheelchair for two years. But after intense therapy and constant exercise, she was able to get out of the chair in the mid-1980s only to find herself back in a wheelchair earlier this year due to illness.


"Honestly, if it wasn't for Langley Pos-Abilities, I wouldn't be able to get around much. They've given me back my freedom and I'm appreciative," Tracy said.


She expressed her heartfelt thanks to the founder Zosia Ettenberg and the organization, recalling how impressed she was when she first learned how a group of locals cared enough to start an association specifically intended to outfit people living with disabilities who need help accessing assistive devices.


"After they helped me, I asked myself 'How can I give back'," Tracy said. Shortly thereafter, she was invited to join the board, and gladly accepted.

"I see great things for Langley Pos-Abilities in the future, and I'll be proud and excited to be part of realizing that goal. I know first-hand what a tremendous difference this society can make in one person's life," she added. "Thank you."