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          "How's business?" That's the first question I get asked every time I meet a customer, colleague, potential customer, and even amongst friends. Why? Because every day we all see and hear reports of markets imploding, prices skyrocketing, global political instability, stagnation, inflation, desperation! Well, I'm here to tell you these are only part of the story...


High Speed Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Fabrication

          The rest of the story:


          We in manufacturing have been staying ahead of the curve in terms of the economy, employments levels, efficiency, productivity, and in technological innovations. Manufacturing employment has been growing since late 2009. Worker productivity is better than ever as world class automation plays an increased role alongside our people. Our customers are developing new products for the global marketplace: new agricultural technologies to make our food production more efficient; new telecommunication systems to make our businesses more globally accessible; new medical and biometric devices to make our lives safer. And here at Laystrom, we are growing to support your efforts.

            Mark your calendars! On September 6th Laystrom will begin the expansion of the Amada Flexible Manufacturing System we purchased in 2008 - in other words, we're getting another really fast 4000W laser that runs days and nights! That is world class automation in action, every day. In addition, we are adding engineering staff, QA support, and a second shift in production.     

            As we complete this install throughout September, we may see some minor delays in our systems. While we are planning for every foreseeable outcome, and have been working hard to unsure this exciting investment is transparent to you, we do appreciate your patience and understanding in the upcoming weeks.


Amada Laser with Automation

          So, "How's business?" you ask. Business is good, and together, it will get even better. We have a hungry laser just waiting for your products to cut. We have people who are well trained and determined to succeed. We have systems to manage your inventory and products.

          Come see for yourself!



Colin Cosgrove

Sales Manager
Laystrom Manufacturing Co.



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