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Welcome back. Throughout 2019, we have been inviting reflection on core values that make up the foundation of WITHIN MINISTRIES. We've been doing our own bit of reflecting on who we are and how we can best continue to serve our vision and mission while acknowledging the limited resources available to us.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Retreat, Reflect, Renew . Scroll down to learn more about this retreat ministry.

We remain committed to serving the foundational ministries of Grace Within, Ministerio de Mujeres en Crecimiento Personal, and the On the Journey Retreat Series. Collaborating with Retreat, Reflect, Renew allows us to share additional retreat opportunities and spiritual enrichment with the communities we serve.

As you continue to read and reflect with us throughout 2019, consider your own core values and what you can do to strengthen them and empower others to do the same.

"WITHIN MINISTRIES is the essence of hospitality , offering an invitation to participate, safely share one's story, give and receive feedback, and continue to grow spiritually." Bringing Grace Within to Life
 “All guests welcomed as Christ” (Rule of Benedict 53)

My years spent working with a community of Benedictine Sisters offered me ample exposure to the commonly accepted definition of hospitality: the friendly and generous reception of visitors; an act of social grace; a smile; a warm welcome to an expected guest. They simply oozed hospitality. More impactful, though, was my introduction to St. Benedict’s belief that everyone we encounter—the poor, the unexpected, the curious, the other—is to be received with genuine acceptance and an open mind and heart, no matter their current situation. Click here to continue reading. 

Retreat, Reflect, Renew
providing retreats that fill your soul and fit your schedule
Retreat, Re flect, Renew offers online retreats, personal retreats, and day retreats to help you sort through your relationship with yourself, others, and God.

Each retreat offers a gentle, non-judgmental, and welcoming place to reflect on living a more balanced, discerning , and Christ-centered life.

Foundress Christine Jurisich's early days in ministry included over ten years as a national leader of Ministry of Mothers Sharing. Among her many accomplishments is the development of the On the Journey Retreat Series WITHIN MINISTRIES offers.

 Coming soon! What if You Began to Say...Yes! This four-week spiritual retreat starting October 7, 2019 invites you to look at the many ways God speaks to you and your call to respond.
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Does your community include both Spanish and English speaking women? Are you looking for a way to reach out?
WITHIN MINISTRIES seeks to partner with leaders in local communities to provide outreach and spiritual growth opportunities, and we'd like to hear from you.

Contact us to learn how together we can serve more women.
Buscando comunidades bilingües de español e inglés
¿Tiene su comunidad mujeres de habla español y de habla inglés? ¿Busca una manera de enriquecer las vidas de mujeres en sus comunidades?
WITHIN MINISTRIES está buscando conectarse con líderes en comunidades locales para proveer mujeres con oportunidades de crecimiento espiritual y personal.

Favor de comunicarse con nosotras para aprender más acerca de como podemos servir a más mujeres.
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