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Red snapper season open, scallop season opens Saturday and Father's Day is Sunday!
Fly Your Dive Flag
Once again, the Nauti Girls Tournament was a great success!!! Thank you to all who helped put this together again this year. Many folks never realize how much work goes on behind the scenes to make these events take place. I won't even try to name all who had a part in it but thank you!!! This all-ladies event continues to grow every year; this year there was 230 ladies who fished. The fishing was tough but that didn't stop them from bringing in some great fish to the scales and showing that the ladies could get it done. Thank you to each and every one of the ladies that came and fished. Steinhatchee can be proud to host this event each and every year. My hat is off to you all, job well done once again!

The fishing has been a little tough for the last week, some very nice fish have been caught but I didn't hear from anyone that said it was easy. But on the bright side of things... It's time for fishing to take a backseat for the most part and for Bay Scallops to take the stage. The much anticipated and long-awaited Bay Scallop Season will officially open here this Saturday. June 16th is a day many have been waiting for since the day season closed last year. Well folks it's finally here.

With our area opening before the other regions I expect to see excessive amounts of people on the water this weekend. Be very careful and watch out for others, be courteous and just use good common sense. Fly your dive flag at all times when you have swimmers in the water, but never when moving the boat from one location to another. Stay 300 feet from others displaying their flags. All in all just please be safe and have a great opening weekend!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, God Bless and I hope to see you on the water soon in “The Hatch.”

~ Capt.Mike Farmer, writing for River Haven

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Mike from Orlando with a couple of nice ones from his trip this week with
Capt. Mike Farmer
Luke got this mudfish fishing
at River Haven
Ricky Ray, Savanah & Chris Olden, Brian & Cindy Shen fishing with Capt. Brian Smith and first mate Brian
Butch Gentry fishing with
Capt. Tony Mathis
Capt. Brian Smith and first mate
little Brian
Capt. B's happy anglers 
Clay Kicklighter,Ty Wright and Paul Austin fishing with Capt. Jim Henley
Donald Austin with a nice trout fishing out of River Haven on The Drifter
Frank Poole fishing with Capt. Steve Kroll
Wayne & Donna Kerr fishing with
Capt. Tony Mathis
Luke with a nice 26 inch readfish he caught off the dock at River Haven Marina
Matt & Trent Finkler, Alex Shutord, Mike Martin and Michael Ofarrell fishing offshore with Capt. Brian Smith
Steve Poore and Danny North fishing with Capt. Mark Lord
Kale and Zane fishing with
Capt. Mike Farmer
REMINDER! Scallop Seminar, Friday, June 15th at the Steinhatchee Community Center
Planning Ahead

June 17 - Father's Day (give him a great memory!)
June 16 - Scallop Season begins
July 4 - Independence Day
July 21 - Red Snapper season closes
September 10 - Scallop Season closes

Redfish Ceviche
Fish with a relatively firm texture, like that of snapper, is the best choice. Select fish that is perfectly fresh, since the fish is "cooked" only by the acidity of the lime juice. Serve avocado slices as an accompaniment, and garnish the plates or platter with additional sliced tomatoes and sprigs of cilantro.  Get the full recipe...
Nauti-Girls' Tournament sets Record
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