We are a program manager specializing in employment practices liability insurance with a focus on Florida domiciled applicants employing less than 500 employees. Our program is admitted in Florida and provides valuable loss control services through BeazleySure for expert HR advice and workforce training. Broad industry classes considered including contractors, healthcare organizations, hotels, real estate, restaurants, and retail.  Our program also features minimum retentions ranging from $7,500 to $10,000 and can provide a Wage and Hour Defense Costs sublimit to eligible applicants. Explore the full details of our program and coverage!  
The BENEFIT of BeazleySure
All employment practice liability insurance policyholders have free access to BeazleySure, a leading HR/EPL compliance advisory run by HR professionals. It is a valuable resource for employment practice related material, compliance, training, handbooks, etc, and provides unlimited HR support by telephone and email from experienced HR professionals!