Upcoming Release of the Arizona Nonprofit Economic Vitality Study
From Richard Tollefson, Founder and President  

Dear Colleagues and Friends:
The Phoenix Philanthropy Group is proud to be a leading partner in the conceptualization, development, and upcoming release of the ground-breaking Arizona Nonprofit Economic Vitality Study, "Arizona Nonprofits: Economic Power, Positive Impact." It is our privilege to make the complete report available to you in advance of the public distribution of the full findings. I trust that you will find the report compelling and surprising as you read it, review the data, and begin to further understand the significant impact it will have in beginning to bring together Arizona's nonprofit sector with our business community and policy makers.
Please read and download the complete report at http://www.phoenixphilanthropy.com .
Let me share with you some of the report's key findings:
  • Nonprofits are a major employer in Arizona. In fact, when compared to all non-government sectors, nonprofits ranked fifth in overall employment (167,000 jobs) - greater than manufacturing and construction.
  • The economic contribution that nonprofits make in Arizona is on a par with the entire retail trade. In 2014, the nonprofit sector contributed more than $22.4 billion to Arizona's Gross State Product (GSP).
  • Surprisingly, nonprofits are a significant revenue generator and 40% of their revenue comes from fees for services, programs, and contracts.
Importantly, the report also highlights the role that leadership in the nonprofit sector has in innovation and stewardship within their field.
This past week, the study was shared at community events in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff - several more forums will be added soon .
The data alone provides valuable insight into the growing influence and impact that nonprofits have in the social and economic fabric of Arizona. The data is also a call to action for the nonprofit sector to form stronger collaborations with the business community and policy makers; and to aggressively communicate their successes and organizational contributions.
At Phoenix Philanthropy, we appreciate the acknowledgement from Steve Seleznow, President and CEO, Arizona Community Foundation, for our role in the study: "...we believe reliable data leads to better decisions. That is why we have been enthusiastic about this economic impact study since The Phoenix Philanthropy Group first undertook this work."
Laurel Kimball, Founding Principal of Phoenix Philanthropy, served as editor of the report. Several other members of our firm played a key role.
We are grateful for the leadership and contributions from our partners in research:
L. William Seidman Research Institute, the consulting arm of W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University; Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits; and ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation. Funding and guidance for the study was provided by the Arizona Community Foundation, The Industrial Development Authority of Maricopa County, Arizona Public Service (APS), and The Phoenix Philanthropy Group.  
We invite you to contact any member of our team if you would like further background or ideas on how to capitalize on the findings from this important study. Please reach us at 602.380.2478 or info@phoenixphilanthropy.com
Thank you for your shared commitment to enhancing Arizona's economic and social development.
With best regards,