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March 1, 2017 

  In memory of our friend, Ed Garvey

Don't mourn, organize. ~ Ed Garvey

My feet are tired, but my soul is at rest.
~Ed's Favorite Civil Rights Era Quote
What's Happening at The Arc Dane County
President's Corner President
You know that The Arc Dane County exists to inform and protect people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and their families. When we learn of any actions that could be problems, we try to inform you. We expect you to take action or be aware.
On February 22, our Wisconsin state department issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for organizations who wish to provide Family Care (and partnerships) in Dane County in 2018. This is the first step in moving from a county based service to a state run Family Care. These RFPs are due in to the state department by April 13, which means that we should know which organizations (called Managed Care Organizations or MCOs) our people in Dane County will have to choose from. Hopefully, families will have an opportunity to meet the people running the MCOs sometime soon.We have yet to hear about a similar process for those electing IRIS.

Functional Screen - your broker will meet with you in 2017 to update the Functional Screen instrument. Please pay close attention to the details as this instrument will be turned over to the MCO staff to build a service plan for your loved one.

A letter will be sent to the person with IDD and/or their guardian. This letter asks for a selection of MCO or IRIS for 2018. Review it and ask questions. If you fail to sign it and return it, your choice of an MCO may be made for your loved one.
The Arc is vigilant and is always ready to listen.
Ken Hobbs
President , Board of Directors
State Budget Trainings
Want to learn about what's in the Wisconsin State Budget?  Concerned about whether supports people with disabilities need will continue to be funded? Attend a State Budget Training in your area.

The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities, The Arc Wisconsin and Disability Rights Wisconsin are partnering to bring budget trainings about disability issues to as many communities as possible during the months of February and March.

The Dane County session is brought to you by The Arc Dane County and Living our Visions:
March 22, 6 - 8 PM
Orchard Ridge Church of Christ
1501 Gilbert Rd., Madison

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In Memory of Ed Garvey 
The Arc Dane County is sad to share the passing of Ed Garvey.   Ed, his wife Betty and family are long time members of The Arc Dane County.  Their strong family support has been invaluable to our organization.  Betty is a past board member as is their daughter Kathleen.  Ed and Betty were regular golfers at our annual golf outing for many years. Ed is remembered on a national level in The New York Times. 
News from The Arc National Office
Health Care - House Releases Outline of ACA Repeal
     The House Majority Leadership released an outline of a plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and restructure and cut the Medicaid program. The outline indicates that the ACA's Medicaid expansion would be repealed. While states that have already accepted Medicaid expansion would be grandfathered, the federal match rate would be reduced from 90 percent to the state's traditional rate, reducing the incentive for states to continue the program. It would allow for an unspecified transition period, and then states that chose to keep the program open to new adult enrollees would be reimbursed at their traditional rate.
     The plan would further destabilize the Medicaid program by reducing and capping federal spending. The proposal, known as a per capita cap/allotment, is a financing tool that will dramatically cut Medicaid funding. Unlike the current funding system, the amount provided under a per capita cap will not automatically increase when the cost of providing covered services to eligible individuals goes up. The intent of the per capita cap is to reduce federal spending by restructuring the program and significantly cutting the cost to the federal government. It is unlikely that states will be able to achieve these cuts without scaling back benefits, reducing reimbursement rates, or shifting costs to beneficiaries. Furthermore, states will no longer receive a federal match beyond the cap for changes that increase costs, such as increasing direct support professional wages. States would have the option to accept the per capita cap approach or a block grant (which would also have many of the same features).
     The savings from the Medicaid per capita cap would help pay for the tax cuts included in the proposed plan. The outline proposes repealing the taxes on corporations and providers that helped pay for the ACA and the provisions that helped make health insurance affordable to the individual. The ACA replacement plan would combine a universal, refundable health care tax credit, based on age rather than income, to purchase insurance, changes to health savings accounts, and state funding for high risk pools or other projects. Health savings accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts, tied to high-deductible plans.
     The bottom line is that during the week of February 27 the House is expected to begin legislative action on a proposal to restructure the Medicaid program in a manner which will undermine the federal/state partnership upon which it has been built. If successful, this restructuring would result in cost savings to the federal government that will shift costs to the states and to individuals and their families. It will also ultimately reduce the availability of supports and services to people with disabilities in the community and through the health care system. Read The Arc's statement on the plan here.
PACE: Parent & Caregiver Education
Thursday, March 16; 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Speaker: Ron Konkol
"Social Security Benefits & Resources"

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, 4402 E. Washington Ave, Madison WI 53703
Cost (includes dinner & presentation): $7.00 per person, $10.00 for professionals
Pre-registration is required: 
please phone 608-442-5555 or 800-693-2287
or register online at

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