Let's have some BINGO fun!!!

Who doesn't love to earn FREE money??
This is SEW exciting!!
In March you can have some fun playing BINGO AND
win up to a $100 Gift Certificate to Poppy's!!!

Interested in playing to win free money??
Read all the details below so you know how to play from near and afar!!
March 1st - 31st, earn stamps by purchasing/doing something from the Poppy Bingo Card. Earn BINGO by getting 5 red poppy stamps in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). IF you fill the entire card, you will be entered into the drawing to win BIG! All gift card winnings are for use in April/May 2021.

There is no limit to how many people can win bingo. However, each participant can turn in only one card**!

BINGO winners: $20 Poppy's Gift Certificate*
Drawing winner: $100 Poppy's Gift Certificate*

So how does this work?? When you complete a square, a Poppy employee will stamp your card with our fun new Poppy stamp. You can earn multiple stamps per checkout, if the items differentiate. Only one of the "dollar amount boxes" can be stamped per transaction. *You can't spend over $75 and get all four dollar amounts stamped :)*

For example... If you purchase a marking tool and you spend over $25, at checkout we will stamp your card in those two boxes. ("Purchase a marking tool" AND "Make a purchase $25+"

Another example... If you download the Poppy's App, just
show us so we can stamp your card!

Now... there is some variation between in-store
and online shoppers, read below for what applies
to you so you know exactly how to get your stamps!!
IN-STORE SHOPPERS: We will hand you a bingo card the first time you are in-store. Each time you checkout through the month, make sure to hand us your bingo card so we can stamp off that day's purchase! Bingo card must be present at time of checkout. *HINT HINT* leave your bingo card in your glove box or a special place so you don't have to start over***!! Once you have earned BINGO and are done playing, you can turn in your card for the Gift Card. If you want to fill out the whole card, then wait to turn you card in. ALL CARDS MUST BE TURNED IN BY MARCH 31st!
ONLINE SHOPPERS: We will hold onto your bingo card for you at the store. Each time you make an online purchase, you must have a comment in the order notes to "STAMP BINGO CARD" and we will make sure to stamp your card! Print the bingo card above so you can mark off, as you go, to keep track of where you stand! For items that are not purchasable (i.e. downloading our app), please send us an email with proof so we can get your card stamped! Once you have won BINGO, please email us to confirm! If you fill up the entire card, please email us to let us know you are ready to turn it in! ALL CARDS MUST BE "TURNED IN" BY MARCH 31st!
Happy Sewing & Quilting Y'all!!
Poppyquiltnsew.com; (512)863-6108; Poppyquiltnsew@gmail.com
COVID Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 11-3 PM
*Gift Certificates won in March are for use in April or May of 2021 ONLY!
**Each participant can only win ONE $20 Gift certificate. Only ONE bingo card can be turned back in by each participant
***A bingo card can only be stamped at time of purchase. WE are happy to give you a new bingo card without stamps if you lose yours. However, you will have to start over. We will NOT re-stamp from previous purchases through the month of March OR combine bingo cards!!