Dear BYSO Families,

As part of our partnership with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), all BYSO families have access to the exclusive BYSO Family Pass. For only $50, BYSO families can have up to four tickets for most BSO concerts this 2022-2023 season. If this offer sounds too good to be true, it is! Again, you pay $50 (just one time) to purchase this Family Pass and you are entitled to up to 4 free tickets to most BSO concerts!

If you are interested in purchasing a $50 Family Pass, you must email Erin Keegan Ianni at BYSO at [email protected] requesting a unique link to purchase a pass. Within 12 hours of receiving your email, Erin will send you a unique URL that will lead to a webpage that allows you to purchase one Family Pass for $50. Each unique URL/promo code will expire after it has been used for one purchase. Your will create a BSO account (or use your current BSO.org account from previous BSO purchases) which will give you the ability to reserve free tickets for any performances that BSO makes available each week, starting on Monday of that week at 10am. You will be able to reserve these tickets by first logging in to your BSO.org account, then visiting the BYSO page on their website, and clicking on the link on that page for the performance(s) you wish to attend.
All of these instructions will be available on the website and once you have emailed Erin, she will then send you the link, and you click the link to purchase the Family Pass. There are no physical cards as the entire process is online.

If you would like to purchase a BYSO Family Pass please email Erin Keegan Ianni at [email protected] to obtain your link.
*Please note: BSO Family Concerts and BYSO concerts are not included in BSO Family Pass offer. If you have further questions please contact Erin Keegan Ianni at [email protected]
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