Dear Colleagues,
There have been many developments in the news regarding the global COVID-19 outbreak since we announced the postponement of our 17th annual  What's Next Longevity Business Summit .

We have decided to take our Atlanta agenda of exceptional speakers and sponsors and repurpose the content to create a digital resource library for our community. Over the next several months this exclusive content will be released virtually on our website  which is being transformed into a digital What’s Next Longevity Academy! This digital library will allow you to easily access more resources, including webinars, and help you stay up-to-date on news in the longevity market.  
We will still hold the What’s Next Innovation Challenge (Sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs) and the Pitch for Distribution to Corporations and Organizations Investing in the Longevity Market virtually on June 25th. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks! 
To kick-off the academy we are holding a free and exclusive webinar for you , for which you can register here . The title of this webinar is, “Why Technology for Older Adults Matters in 2020 and Beyond” and it will be moderated by Laurie Orlov, Founder of Aging in Place Technology Watch.
We feel sincerely blessed to work with all of you and appreciate your support and understanding during this time.
Mary Furlong