With upcoming presentations at NIGP Forum and conferences across the country, as well as the opportunity to submit articles for national publications, your success stories are needed! In the past, we have highlighted stories from our NCPP suppliers - Fastenal, Gordian Group, Grainger, Kubota, Kimball, NAPA, Network, Prudential Supply, Staples, Steelcase and WESCO

If you don't see your company's name in this list - let's fix that! Please contact Executive Director Tammy Rimes to have one of your stories included. While we can't "sell," we can definitely "share!"
Exclusive Member-Only Webinar!
"How to Navigate the Maze of Government"
March 29, 2019 11:00am EST  
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Selling to government and public institutions can be tough. With all the rules and regulations, as well as uniqueness of each jurisdiction, it's difficult to navigate. Learn from former procurement leaders on how to approach your government clients to create a successful partnership. This is the real deal - with real take-aways! Even if you have been selling to government for years, this session will enlighten with research on the government marketplace, and perspectives of former procurement leaders.

Offered exclusively for NCPP Cooperative, Supplier and Affiliate partners, it starts with basic "do's and don'ts" from Executive Director Tammy Rimes, who served as former Purchasing Agent for the City of San Diego. A stellar panel will follow, leading with Paul Irby from Deltek to outline the latest survey work and what the SLED market looks like for 2019. Lourdes Coss and Mike Wenzel, former Chief Procurement Officers, will then share what goes on inside that procurement manager's mind as you are making your sales presentation, while offering suggestions on how to be better prepared for that meeting to make it even more successful.

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Legislative Advocacy
NCPP Working Behind the Scenes for our Members
A big part of the NCPP activities is to monitor state and local legislation that may impact the use of cooperative contracts - either positively or negatively. The Legislative Advocacy Working Group, made up of legislative analysts and attorneys from our cooperative and supplier members have banded their intel and contacts to actively pursue these activities. As a result, in just the past 2 months, letters of support have been sent for proposed legislation in Idaho, Montana and Oklahoma. In addition, an aggressive effort to oppose, and ultimately help amend legislation in Arkansas, prevented proposed restricting language being extended to local municipalities.

Just think of the business that your company could potentially gain - or lose - as a result of these activities. While it's difficult to directly measure a specific ROI in the short term, this is a HUGE reason why an Association is needed to represent the interests of our industry and its members. If you would like more information on any of these specific efforts, or wish to receive a copy of the weekly CQ StateTrack digest, please contact Executive Director, Tammy Rimes.
Thanks to our NCPP members for supporting best practices in cooperative 
procurement and the production of unique educational materials for public procurement professionals.
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