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WATCH: Lives On The Line
Many of us have been in a building where we have horrible cell service. Imagine this same scenario, but in an emergency? Whether it is a fire or an active shooter event, not being able to communicate could cost lives. In this 30 minute video Phil Leaf outlines public safety DAS codes and the importance of a working system in your building

Are Your Kids Going Back To School?
If you are a parent or a school administrator you know that vaping in schools is a challenge. With schools expecting to come back in full next fall, now is a good time to evaluate if vape sensors are right for your district. Our clients have seen an immediate benefit in their deployments.

Modernizing Your Building in a Post-Covid World: Touchless Access
Although it won’t look exactly the same, when it comes to the health of our community, we know changes to our office buildings are necessary and probably permanent (many of the changes are for the better!). A technology that we are helping to implement more and more for our clients is touchless control.

From The Lab: Body Worn Cameras
Parallel is excited to start our “From The Lab” series. This series will spotlight a different solution in our lab each month; going into the good, the bad and our final thoughts on the product. This month was Body Worn Cameras by Axis.

Private LTE or WiFi: Which is Best?
Wi-Fi may be the clear frontrunner when it comes to popularity, but did you know that depending on your needs, private LTE may be better for your organization?