As our 2019 conference comes to a close, I find myself inspired and grateful. Thank you to everyone who came, who listened, who presented, who shared, who braved the steps, the walks, and the heat. A special thank you to our generous sponsors for their support. 

After Donnell and I take a little bit of time to recover (just a little, I promise:), we will be beginning our work on the rest of the year's activities including our 5th Annual Media Literacy Week (October 21-25). 

In the meantime, please take a moment to read through our SNAPSHOT 2019: The State of Media Literacy Education in the U.S.   Thank you to Sherri Hope Culver and Theresa Redmond for their work in authoring this piece.  The purpose of this SNAPSHOT is to inspire dialogue and create momentum to support research, training, practice, and policy efforts needed in order to grow the field of media literacy more fully as we enter 2020 and beyond. Please read it and join the conversation on Twitter using #stateofmedialiteracy. 
For those of you who did not join us in Washington, D.C., here are some photos I took over the few days. More to come...
Have a great weekend, 

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Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, 
Executive Director

P.S. I know calling this email a "newsletter" is probably a bit of a stretch. It's been a long week:)