Is it already June tomorrow? Now that I am teaching at 
Brooklyn  College, May comes and goes in a blur of final presentations, student meetings, and grading. And, of course, graduation festivities!  Today, students at Brooklyn College are graduating. Our very own Nirvana Guzman, NAMLE's program associate, is one of the graduates. I made her send me a picture of her in her cap and gown. Go, Nirvana! Congratulations to all recent graduates. I hope you enjoy and savor the feeling of relief and pride you feel right now!


Our next Media Literacy and Civic Engagement in the Digital Age regional event will take place on Friday, September 28, 2018 at Texas A&M. We are honored to be partnering with Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian on the event. More information to come. 

The 4th Annual U.S. Media Literacy Week  is 5 months away but it's never too early to start planning. Contact Nirvana to sign up your school or organization as a partner or if you have any questions. This year, we are introducing a new level of participation,  Media Literacy Week Supporter.  This supporter level comes with many benefits including additional promotion, outreach, and resource opportunities. For more information on partner and supporter level, click here


I am beyond thrilled to announce that Alicia Haywood  has joined NAMLE's Board of Directors. As many of you know, Alicia was a past Program Manager for NAMLE and was a vital part of the launch of Media Literacy Week in 2015. I knew she wasn't going to go away for too long as her passion for media literacy education is unrelenting! I know she will inspire us all and help us as we continue to grow. 

Don't forget: The NAMLE Board of Directors is regularly seeking new candidates to join the Board who are passionate about media literacy education from diverse perspectives. This is an opportunity to make a contribution to the state of Media Literacy Education. If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of our Board of Directors, please fill out this form to submit a recommendation. Thank you!

We are also welcoming not 1...not 2...but 3 new members to NAMLE's Leadership Council. Spencer Brayton , Michelle Ciccone, and Therese Woozley are joining us from Illinois, Massachusetts, and Idaho respectively. Spencer, Michelle, and Therese bring a broad set of experiences to the council along with expertise in areas such as library services, school technology integration, community building and event planning. I am very exicted to get a chance to work with them. 

Big congratulations to Donnell Probst who earned her  Master of Library and Information Science  at  San Jose State University and to Catherine Burgess who earned her Masters in Media Studies at Brooklyn College. Both Donnell and Catherine are transferring from the Student Leadership Council to the Leadership Council and will be part of the leadership team of the 2019 NAMLE Conference in Washington, D.C. (June 26-28).


Do you think we provide good enough civic education in the USA today? We've joined a coaltion of civic learning leaders to understand this question by conducting a nationwide survey of students, educators, schools administrators, parents, civic learning providers, funders, academics and others.  Please share your perspective!  The online survey will take less than 15 minutes to complete. It will ask you a few questions about who you are, how you personally relate to civic education, and what you think about the state of civic education today. 

A partnership of Stetson University and University of Westminster is examining attitudes regarding the concept of 'video game addiction' among psychologists and media scholars who study technology including graduate students.  They invite all scholars who have some familiarity with this topic to take a brief, 5-10 minute survey. (A bsolute expertise isn't required but at least some passing familiarity with the issues would be helpful). The survey can be found here.

I have the honor each year of being a judge of the What's Your Story? Contest run by Trend Micro, one of NAMLE's supporters. The winners of this year's contest were announced recently and the videos are available here.  The videos are great conversation starters for the classroom and the dinner table!


Don't forget to add your voice to our Instagram campaign "Media Literacy is..." Simply download the flyer in the color of your choice, fill in the blank, take a picture, and email it to us

Here's to a wonderful June! 
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