I know the calendar says it's spring but I can't help but notice my winter jacket is still on the hook. The view from my NYC window feels more like early November than early spring! I present this daffodil as a reminder to all of us who have yet to relegate our boots to the back of the closet that brighter days are ahead.

It is said that spring is a time of beginnings. So let me begin by welcoming this precious little one to the world. Grant Montreux Siegel was born on March 16th at 10:46 a.m. ( 7 lbs 12 oz, 20 1/2 in) to NAMLE Leadership Council Member, Jaclyn Kahn Siegel and her husband, Jay. Congratulations, Jaclyn and Jay!
There is not much one can say after a picture of an adorable new person in a cozy white blanket. I'll try to distract you by filling you in on all we are doing at NAMLE.


Things are coming together nicely for our first regional event of 2018. We are partnering with the Idaho Media Initiative at Boise State University to host  Media Literacy and Civic Engagement in the Digital Age  on April 11. Our partners include the Journalism Education Association, Newseum, Pen America, and Reuters. Special thanks to Trend Micro for sponsoring the event. Full agenda for the event can be found here. I'm super excited for many reasons one of which is it will be my first time to Idaho! 

Later in the month, I will be heading to Lisbon, Portugal for the International Media Literacy Research Symposium on April 20. I love how the organizers, Belinha De Abreu and Vitor Tome, frame the conference:  Media literacy is a growing field with a need for developing and increasing the research within it.  With each conference, we hope to shorten the present gap by filling it with works from current scholars, new researchers, graduate students, educators and others who have a vested interest in opening this field and moving it forward from all over the world.  I am looking forward to learning and being a part of the discussions. 
You may have heard  that  The Poynter Institute  received  $3 million from Google.org to lead MediaWise , a  project  aimed at media literacy for middle and high school students. NAMLE will be part  of the  outreach  team for the project and will make sure that our community is kept informed about the rollout of this  significant  investment in relevant work. Poynter is currently  looking to fill  two job openings for the project; Editor/Program Manager and Multimedia Reporter. See job postings for more details and feel free to forward to those that may be interested. 

I hope you'll take a minute  to be a part of our "Media Literacy is..." Instagram campaign. Just print out the sign in the color of your choice, fill in the blank, take a picture, and send it to namle@namle.net. Pass it along to colleagues and students! Here's the one my son, Jude, did just today:) If I can get my 15 year old to do it, there are no excuses why you can't! 


I also have a new student voice blog to share from from MarKaye  Hassan, an undergraduate student studying Media Arts at Brigham Young University. Her blog post entitled  Coco: A Story of Bridges in a World of Walls can be found here.  If you are interested in having  your  students contribute to the NAMLE Student Voice Blog, please check out these guidelines for submissions. 
Speaking of student voice, I wanted to make sure you all knew about
these two youth media contests I'm involved with. There are two more weeks to submit for Trend Micro's What's Your Story Contest This year's question is "how do you know if something online is real or fake?" Have your students enter for the chance to win $10K! The Center for Intercultural Dialogue is launching their first video contest on April 15. Check out  this link for details.


Finally, as we move closer to solidifying the dates for the 2 019 NAMLE Conference (soon, I promise;), I am excited to share that we will be researching and developing a State of Media Literacy Education in the U.S. Report to be presented at the conference. This work will be led by members of the NAMLE Leadership Council. We will keep you informed on how the work progresses. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Be well, 
Michelle Ciulla Lipkin's signature   Michelle Ciulla Lipkin
Executive Director  mciullalipkin@namle.net @ciullalipkin @medialiteracyed

P.S. NAMLE needs graphic design volunteers for several projects. If you have design skills and some time, please reach out to us at namle@namle.net.