"Have the guts to be the first person to stand up and join in."

This quote comes from the YouTube video "First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy". This video was shown to me at a recent meeting. It's less then 3 minutes long, not the best image quality, totally shaky camerawork and, yet, I can't stop watching it. It simplifies ideas on leadership and building a movement. Since we've been talking for quite some time at NAMLE about wanting to build a media literacy movement, I thought I should share it with you. Hope you'll consider joining in!

A great way to add to the "media literacy momentum" is to join us in Chicago at our national conference. The event is being held at Roosevelt University from June 26 - June 28. Early bird registration is open but only until May 5. Don't wait to register!

Our impressive speaker list is growing every day. We will be revealing the conference program next week. We are so excited about the amazing presenters and discussions being planned. 

At each national conference, we honor people and organizations who have had great impact on the media literacy community and beyond. Don't forget to submit nominations to the 2017 Awards. Nominations close May 5.

The American Librarian  Association (ALA)  is holding their annual conference at the 
McCormick Place Convention Center  in Chicago from June 22-27. ALA is offering a special discount of $120 for NAMLE members interested in attending their conference in advance to participation in NAMLE's conference on June 26-28. Please click here to register and use the code "NAMLE17" for the special discount. Any questions? Reach out to  namle@namle.net .

Last month, I shared our inaugural blog post for our new website feature entitled "Student Voice Blog." This month's blog post comes from another one of my students' at Brooklyn College, Ryan Beckford. Ryan shares some thoughts on social media, fake news, and what it's like being a millenial navigating the digital world. Check out the post here. 
If you are interested in having your students' voices heard on our blog, please reach out to me! I'd love this to be a robust section of the website. 

And because I just can't control myself, this month we are unveiling yet another new website feature: JMLE Author Profiles. With every new issue of our Journal of Media Literacy Education, we will profile authors published to learn more about their research, where they plan to take it in the future, and how
they hope it contributes to media literacy education. Our first author profile for JMLE 8.2 is  Dr. David Magolis , who collaborated with Bloomsburg University student Audra Briggs to study students' understanding of online privacy. The full article, "A Phenomenological Investigation of Social Networking Site Privacy Awareness through a Media Literacy Lens," can be found on the JMLE website  here .

As always, reach out to me with questions or comments. Hope to see you in June in Chicago!
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