Congratulations to Executive Manage r Jess Gibson!
Please join us in recognizing one of our most recent car earners! If you missed her story and photos in the last issue of WINGS, you can also catch them all here .

Or read on to find out how much fun it can be on the L'BRI road to success.
Executive Manager Jess Gibson is driving in L'BRI style with her brand-new Nissan Kicks!
From: Waupaca, Wisconsin
Joined L'BRI: May 2014

On a sunny leap day in February, Jess was excited to celebrate a milestone moment with her L’BRI team. While the world may have turned upside down since then, we wanted to share her story and remind you that with the drive to succeed, anything is possible! Join us as we revisit this moment in the sun and look forward to the next round of celebrations. As we adapt to a new normal, we are looking forward to sharing the stories of our Executive Managers who have the drive to succeed and a new Nissan in their driveway paid for by L’BRI!

Jess enjoyed her celebration and appreciated being able to share it with her team. “My car party was a dream come true! I was surrounded by my family, my teammates, and my mentors…soaking in the glory of what amazing blessings come from helping others pursue their dreams.” She said that her celebration was a moment she had been working toward since she started as a Consultant.
“I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all those who were able to celebrate with me,” Jess said, “And I’m grateful to Linda and Brian for creating this amazing opportunity!” Jess wanted new consultant to know that they could be in her shoes someday if they really want to realize their dream of a brand-new vehicle. “If a car is in your dreams…set your sights high and run hard,” said Jess. “You can do it too!”
Don't get left behind!
When your dreams take you down the road of opportunity, you'll enjoy the ride fueled by your determination and hard work! Anybody who starts a L'BRI business of their own has the same chance to get to drive a new Nissan paid for by L'BRI !

When you put your mind to it, nothing can stop you. Your keys to success are within your reach.