Executive Manager Sally Walmer earns her wheels!
Join us in extending our CONGRATULATIONS to Executive Manager Sally Walmer!
She is driving in L'BRI style with her brand-new Nissan Murano!
From: Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Joined L'BRI: August 2015
November 19, 2018

Executive Manager Sally Walmer is going places! If you missed her story in the November issue of WINGS , check it out and see more photos from Sally's car celebration.

Sally Walmer has a drive to show other women what’s possible with L’BRI. She recently gathered with her team the High Flyers and Senior Executive Manager Lori Stone for her L’BRI Car Celebration. Sally chose the 2018 Murano with the premium package added. “The interior is a beautiful light cashmere color, it’s so pretty! This is my first new vehicle, and it sure feels like an Executive’s Nissan!” Sally said.
Sally said her celebration was special because she was supported by her team, other Consultants, customers and her family. “I am in awe of the close friendships I have made since becoming a L’BRI Consultant,” Sally said. “If I didn’t make the decision to become a Consultant, I would not have this bonded relationship with these women.”

Sally was especially grateful to Lori Stone, her Senior Executive Manager and her team, the High Flyers for putting so much thought into her car celebration. “It was truly a memorable day!” Sally said. “I appreciated hearing from my team members who are out of state. I know you would have been there if you lived closer!”

She also wanted to thank Linda and Brian for the L’BRI opportunity. “Thank you for creating such a fantastic, life-changing opportunity with L’BRI. You have taught me how to dream! I am forever grateful!”

Her message to any Consultant who is just starting is to imagine their success with L’BRI. “If you set a goal and believe you will achieve it, you can do anything!”

Don't get left behind!
Sally has the drive to succeed and is following the road to her dreams. Is a new Nissan in your future? Get into the driver’s seat and make it happen for you too!

When your dreams take you down the road of opportunity, you'll enjoy the ride fueled by your determination and hard work! Anybody who starts a L'BRI business of their own has the same chance to get to drive a new Nissan paid for by L'BRI !

When you put your mind to it, nothing can stop you. Your keys to success are within your reach.


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