Executive Managers Sandra Lorenz and
Shawna Bellomy earn their wheels!
Join us in extending our CONGRATULATIONS to Executive Manager Sandra Lorenz!
She is driving in L'BRI style with her brand-new Nissan Altima!
From: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Joined L'BRI: August 2004
Executive Manager Sandra Lorenz has the drive to succeed! If you missed her story in the July issue of WINGS , check it out and see more photos from Sandra's car celebration.

Sandra celebrated earning a FREE car with her team on June 20. Sandra said she chose the Nissan Altima because she liked the sleek, sporty look of it and because it fit in her garage.

“My car celebration was really special because of all the people who came out to celebrate with me,” said Sandra.
 Some of the people who joined Sandra were her teammates and extended L’BRI Consultants and teams and especially her family, friends, and customers. Sandra said, “It was wonderful to be surrounded by all of those supportive people. It really did make the evening! And, having Gina there and sharing her story and encouragement with everyone really topped it off! It was perfect!”

Sandra said that if there was one thing she would share with a new Consultant, it would be that it’s never too late to start building your L’BRI dream. She said, “Even if you’ve been a part of L’BRI for a while and you haven’t done a lot with it, you can decide to pick it up and really go for it at any time. Just do it! Create your L’BRI dream come true!”

Join us in extending our CONGRATULATIONS to Executive Manager Shawna Bellomy!
She is driving in L'BRI style with her brand-new Nissan Armada!
From: Blanchard, Oklahoma
Joined L'BRI: January, 2017

Executive Manager Shawna Bellomy is on the road to success! Her story was also featured in the July issue of WINGS. Don't forget to check it out for more photos from Shawna's car celebration.

She celebrated with her team at her June 22 Car Celebration.
Shawna chose her Nissan for many, many good reasons! “I chose the Nissan Armada because it held my family of six, while being able to pull our camper trailer so we can travel as a family!” She enjoyed celebrating with her extended L’BRI family. “Having my team members, and Melissa and Lisa help celebrate along with my family and customers and hostess was amazing!”

Shawna’s advice to new team members or new Consultants is to pursue their dreams. “Do not worry about the ‘what ifs’ – go for your dreams!”
Don't get left behind!
Sandra and Shawna are the latest Executive Managers who are embracing their journey on the road to success and are enjoying the benefits of following their dreams. Is a new Nissan in your future? Get into the driver’s seat and make it happen for you too!

When your dreams take you down the road of opportunity, you'll enjoy the ride fueled by your determination and hard work! Anybody who starts a L'BRI business of their own has the same chance to get to drive a new Nissan paid for by L'BRI !

When you put your mind to it, nothing can stop you. Your keys to success are within your reach.


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