Executive Notes is designed for the employers who use our benefits programs. Brief soundbites allow you to quickly scan for what is relevant to you. If your organization doesn’t offer all of our benefits, simply skip the sections that don’t apply to you.

Reminder: If you need help from Northwest Plan Services, you can e-mail the BPP Employer Team at bppemployerteam@nwpretirement.com.


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A Webinar for Plan Sponsors
from Edelman Financial Engines

Retirement Reimagined
How employers can help their workforce amid shifting priorities

Wednesday, December 8, 2021, 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET

Millions of Americans are leaving the traditional workforce due to the "Great Resignation." When coupled with the fact that many baby boomers (the youngest of whom will reach age 65 in 2030) are working longer – one thing has become clear: the notion of a "normal retirement" no longer exists.

But the retirement readiness gap remains. With some employees planning to work until they're unable while others might be leaving their employer sooner than expected, it becomes obvious that employees need help. The good news – there are actions employers can take to address these varied situations and ensure employees retire with confidence.

Topics covered:

  • Analyze research on the current state of retirement planning needs for American workers during a time of pivotal change.
  • Discover how to help your near‑retiree population based on these findings.
  • Learn how providing employees with access to trusted advisors can instill confidence.
  • Preview our retirement income innovations launching in early 2022.

Chris Jones
Executive Vice President of Investment Management and Chief Investment Officer

Carol Sung
Director Consultant Relations

Joe Salcido
Senior Director, National Advisor Center



Here are things you need to think about as we move forward with the new portal and in the aftermath of Open Enrollment.
As an employer —

  • Do you need help with the insurance portal? Employers are best served by email using this address: bbt.support@milliman.com. You, or your employees, may also call the Brethren Insurance Service Center at 800-217-0067, although that group is primarily focused on employee-related questions.

  • Don’t forget these resources: Plan Sponsor information can be found on the BBT website (cobbt.org/Open-Enrollment), including instructional videos for the new insurance portal and a link to the Insurance Portal Training Guide. Please remind your HR/Admin staff to review these resources. Additional videos will be added in the near future.
What can you do now?

1.Remind your HR/Admin staff that the insurance benefits employees signed up for through the portal go into effect Jan. 1, 2022. 

2.You will soon receive a report from Milliman that includes employee census data and the insurance benefits they elected. Here is how you can run this report yourself.

  • Log in to www.cobbt.MyBenefitChoice.com HR portal with your credentials from Milliman
  • Click on the Reports tab once in the site
  • Under the “Group Reports” section, click on the “Coverage History” link
  • Select the Benefit you would like to review
  • Input the date range of 11/01/2021 to 01/01/2022
  • Click Run Report
  • Once it downloads the report will show your staff if have any history in that enrollment
  • Look for start dates of 1/1/2022 for new enrollments and end dates of 12/31/2021 for those that have dropped the benefit

3.More information will be forthcoming soon regarding what your HR staff needs to do on an ongoing basis regarding the BIS Portal

4.Encourage your HR/Admin staff to review and validate participant demographic data.

5.Now that you have had some experience with the portal, we will be scheduling another Q&A session in the next few weeks and will share the details soon.


Milliman’s consolidated billing timelines for participant billing
Please note that all changes must be submitted by the freeze date in order to be reflected on the next month’s billing.

Lynnae Rodeffer
Director of Employee Benefits
We hope you find this update helpful, and we welcome your feedback.