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November 1, 2017
martinwolf  Executive Perspective
Thomas Honoré, Columbus

The latest issue of Executive Perspective features Thomas Honoré, CEO and president of Columbus, an international services and solution provider headquartered in Denmark. Founded in 1989, Columbus is publicly traded on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and has over 1,200 employees worldwide. Appointed in 2011, Thomas  has more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry; with a strong background in software, services and business application software, he  has held previous  V ice President and Director positions at Oracle and IBM, respectively. 

 Thomas Honoré
In the interview, Thomas discloses how Columbus achieved its transformation from mainly reselling third-party software to providing deep industry knowledge, industry IP and industry processes. He also highlights how Columbus' tight vertical focus -- especially in food, retail, and manufacturing -- is embedded in the strategy that enabled its successful transformation. Offering his thoughts on industry trends and prominent players, Thomas discusses which opportunities and pressures arise from the overall pivot toward the full technology stack.

With regards to M&A, Thomas shares how Columbus approaches cross-border acquisitions that are in line with its overall growth strategy, and also discusses markets with the biggest growth opportunity. Stressing the importance of services, an "absolutely crucial" category as its  biggest revenue unit, he examines  how to expand capabilities to keep up with customer demand. In addition, Thomas provides further insight into Columbus' unique position as an international and public company with a distinctly Scandinavian culture. Closing the interview with advice to "be open about mistakes and share them," Thomas encourages leaders to prepare for what lies ahead by learning from the past. 
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