Friday, July 13, 2018
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2018 Executive Trustee Election
This fall, IMRF employers will elect one Executive Trustee to the Board of Trustees for a five-year term that will run from January 1, 2019, through December 31, 2023. IMRF is accepting nominating petitions August 1 through September 17.

A candidate for Executive Trustee must:

  • Be employed by a participating governmental unit as chief executive officer, chief finance officer, or other officer, executive, or department head.
  • Be an active and vested IMRF member as of December 31, 2018.
  • Gain the nomination of at least three IMRF employers, each of which must submit a nominating petition to IMRF.

More information about the 2018 Executive Trustee election, including nominating procedures, qualifications, sample petitions, and a biographical questionnaire, can be found on
Please Complete Second Quarter Employer Survey
To ensure that IMRF practices its mission to provide the highest quality retirement services to you and your members, we conduct periodic surveys to gather your feedback. Your input is important to us as it helps us learn what we are doing well and identify opportunities for improvement.

Earlier this week, Authorized Agents and Web Assistants received IMRF's 2018 Second Quarter Employer Survey. The survey asks about your experience with IMRF's dedicated employer 800 number and sending secure messages through Employer Access.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey by Monday, July 23.

Thank you for continuing to help us improve our communication with you through your ongoing participation in our quarterly employer surveys.
IMRF Releases 2017 Popular Annual Financial Report
IMRF's 2017 Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) is now available for download on

The PAFR is derived from IMRF's 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and is written for IMRF stakeholders without a background in finance. The PAFR provides a summary of the organization's financial condition, including IMRF's fiduciary net position and funding status, revenue and expenses, investments, overview of members and employers, and review of Board of Trustees and legislative activity in 2017.
Reminder: IMRF and Health Insurance Continuation
IMRF does not offer a health insurance plan for its participating employers or members; however, IMRF employers may be required to continue health insurance coverage for a retiring or disabled IMRF member as required by federal or state legislation.

To be eligible for health insurance continuation, the IMRF member must be enrolled in your employer's health insurance plan before disability or retirement. Continuation coverage can include a spouse and dependents, as well as certain surviving spouses of deceased employees, if the member was covered by the plan the day immediately before the member died, became disabled, or retired.

As an employer, the law does not require you to subsidize any portion of the member's premium payment. Once a member chooses health insurance continuation, there are two payment options for the policy:

There are some instances when health insurance continuation ends for a retiree, disabled member, or surviving spouse. These circumstances include:

  • Non-payment of premiums
  • The member returns to IMRF-covered employment
  • The member is convicted of a job-related felony
  • The member dies
  • A disabled member takes a refund of IMRF contributions
  • A surviving spouse remarries or dies
  • The employer terminates health insurance coverage for all employees

You can learn more about health insurance continuation in the Manual for Authorized Agents, Section 5.80, "Health Insurance Continuation."

Questions about specific situations or the intricate details of the law must be directed to the Illinois Department of Insurance , to your insurance consultants or provider, or to your attorney.
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