October 2018 ~ Newsletter
Recovery and Fitness
Recovery, restoration and redemption from sin: that is what we ask God for regarding every beneficiary at the Grand Rapids Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center.

For men and women who struggle with substance abuse, the road to recovery is a long and winding one, marked with suffering and heartache. Many men and women who enter our program have suffered emotionally, mentally and spiritually, leaving them beaten down and hopeless. Something that is often overlooked, however, are the physical effects of substance abuse. Many times, the physical symptoms of abstaining from substance use (fatigue, aches, shaking) overwhelm any desire to stay sober, and lead to relapse.

Captain Johnny and Captain Kerry Bartsch have recognized the importance of incorporating exercise in the recovery process and have given priority to making a fitness area and weight room available to beneficiaries. This new workout area is open until 10:00 every night. The availability of a free, safe space to exercise is another encouragement for men and women to fully embrace the recovery process here. The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center also provides a balance of nutritious meals to further provide opportunity to practice the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

It is vital to incorporate exercise with healthy eating habits to get the most out of the recovery process. The article entitled The Benefits of Getting Fit in Your Recovery talks about the importance of physical fitness in recovery and how rewarding it is: " Whether you take kickboxing lessons or simply go for a walk, you’ll get a mood-lifting boost of endorphins that can almost immediately take the edge off." Exercise helps immediately improve someone’s mood and take an addict’s mind off using substance. When exercise is consistently incorporated as a part of recovery, it also enables the body to improve and repair overall physical health more quickly and completely.

Although there are difficulties and obstacles to overcome, fully embracing the recovery process and choosing to persevere through the struggles is extremely rewarding. At The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Grand Rapids, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity we have to provide a safe place for men and women to take that journey. We encourage men and women to embrace a healthy lifestyle so that they can be happy, joyous and free, and the addition of a place to exercise is just one small way that we hope to accomplish that.

Thought of the Month
Your testimonies also are my delight and my counselors
Psalm 119:24
God's Word showed David which alternative to take, which option to pursue, which strategy to employ. David knew when, how, and where to apply God's Word in times of trouble.... David had many counselors--brilliant and courageous "mighty men" who surrounded him with advice. But David relied first and foremost on God's Word to be his counselor. He turned first to what God had to say anytime he faced bad news or difficult circumstances. He found not only comfort but also joy in what he read and studied--he found confidence that God was with him.
~Charles F. Stanley
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