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January 31, 2024

Quote of the Week:

“We rise by lifting others.”

— Robert Ingersoll

Exercise & Physical Activity for Older Adults

See newsletter from May 3, 2023:

Exercise for Older Adults & Family Caregivers

1. Where do you start (if you're not already exercising)?

2. What’s enough?

3. 17 great "evidence based" exercise programs for seniors online and in person.

Another great resource guide, online from the National Institute of Aging:

Exercise & Physical Activity for Healthy Aging: 

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Any exercise is better than no exercise!

Exercise needs to be fun, functional, and meaningful.

What is functional? Anything you do that you want or have to do. Get in and out of bed. Walk to the bathroom. Take a shower. Do the dishes. Clear the table. Get dressed. Play with your grandchildren. Make the bed. Cook, clean, shop, fill in the blank______.

Functional exercise is meaningful. It makes one feel more independent. Contributing to the family or community. 

Caregivers may think “taking care” of a frail loved one is a good thing — But NOT if it’s something they can and SHOULD do for themselves.  

And functional activity is ACTIVITY. In itself it can help maintain, strength and endurance. As well as self-esteem.

ALSO, physical activity helps manage chronic pain. Think — stiffness.

Fun and Meaningful! — Dancing in the kitchen to the radio. Dancing at a senior center with live music (that’s really fun!) Going to church. Going shopping (really fun for some people). Going out to eat. Playing with grand children, of course. Please fill in the blank ____.

Though some exercise is better than none,

some exercises are SUPER good:





What is power?

A combination of strength and speed — explosive.

When do you need power? Getting up from a chair. Lifting a bag of groceries. Lifting your grandchild. Avoiding a collision while meandering around a shopping center or a child or pet racing toward you.

“High-speed resistance training is more effective than low-speed resistance training to increase functional capacity and muscle performance in older women” 

Read Article >

“Research suggests that muscle power is a more critical determinant of physical functioning in older adults than muscle strength.”  

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Where you might notice more power needed in your daily life?  

When you need to make quick movements — to avoid collisions or anything that challenges one’s balance and might lead to a fall!

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