A 1-Hour Walk, 3 Times a Week Impacts Dementia

The New York Times reports on research which suggests that frequent, brisk walks might improve memory and physical abilities for those in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, read more HERE

OPICA provides comprehensive, personalized services for adults challenged with memory loss, and for their families. We thank you for sharing this news with others.

OPICA's 12th Annual Forget-Me-Not Luncheon on Thursday, June 22nd was a brilliant success, thanks to YOU! 

Raise the Paddle brought in over $32,000 and OPICA's income from Boutique sales was $8,250.

Tuesday, July 25th  at 6 PM
Redondo Beach Main Public Library
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OPICA's Eagle Scout

At age 15, Kenneth Gee was charged to develop a community project to complete his Eagle Scout requirements, he chose to support OPICA. Pictured here with Scoutmaster of Troop 23, John Wilson and his proud dad, Chris, Kenneth shares his journey  HERE
"I Remember Better When I Paint"

The many benefits of art therapy for people with dementia are known worldwide. These include improved self-esteem, positive outlet for emotions, and producing art aids in the access of memory. Learn more about these and other benefits HERE.

Since 2013
90,000 People 
From More Than 170 Countries Have Enrolled In This Course. 

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Mindfulness-Based Art Workshop July 9th

This workshop, conducted in a studio environment, is designed to foster reflective practices, respite, and enjoyment for participants. 
The topic for July's workshop is:  Managing Stress Through Mindful Art Making  click HERE  to learn more.

Why I Chose Dementia Care
I love enjoying everything with the members. Regardless of their memory impairment, they create an environment filled with happiness, joy, and a playful nature. They  are what makes OPICA special. 

My Favorite Things About Working at OPICA
I have always wanted to work with older adults. When I was growing up, there were older adults in my family who told wonderful stories and made the world very meaningful to me. 

CAREgiver Burnout leads to feeling overwhelmed, undernourished, and emotionally exhaustion. Caring for a Family Member with Alzheimer's? Our Counseling Center can help... click HERE .

While many in the health profession prefer the word "dementia" because the word "Alzheimer's" can be overwhelming and frightening, the terms are not equal, and they are not always interchangeable. Find out why  HERE

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