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April 2016
This month's overarching theme is media. We have recently appeared in BuzzFeed, the Daily Meal, WEEI.com, and Boston Baseball Magazine, so check out the articles you may have missed.

In our He Said, She Said feature, Joanne and I respond to a media report that both of us found quite disturbing.

Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner
He Said, She Said: Exercise as Penance


As we watched the news a couple of weeks ago, the anchor shared a story about new food labels in Britain that indicate how long the consumer would have to exercise to burn off the calories contained in the given product. We looked at each other, and without even saying anything, we knew we had found the topic for this month's newsletter.
He Said
First, remember that proclamations of calorie content are often flawed. Earlier in my career, I created nutrition labels for a university dining service as well as for cooking software. The labels that I produced reflected my best estimates based on other people's estimates of generalities.
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She Said
As Jonah and I have written about before, the idea of "calories in, calories out," is very much oversimplified. Most people believe that if an individual eats an extra 500 calories per day, that individual will have gained a pound of fat after a week. Unfortunately, it isn't that simple.
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Practice News
Boston Baseball Article      
This month's issue of Boston Baseball Magazine features a guest column Jonah wrote about the controversy surrounding Pablo Sandoval's weight.

Pick up a copy when you visit Fenway Park during the month of April or read it online.

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