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Exercising Our Food Sovereignty
Pressing apples and pears at Tribal Housing. Photo credit: Stormy Staats.
Ayukîi, Aiy-ye-kwee', Waqlisi, Hello!

Food Security - having reliable access to enough nutritious, affordable food - is critically important to healthy communities. Food Sovereignty adds a people's right to culturally appropriate food, and to control their own food system. In the Klamath, we've been working to build Food Security and Food Sovereignty for the past 4 years through the AFRI Tribal Food Security Project. Last month we saw an exciting example as people came together to combine and prepare their homegrown food resources in support of the Standing Rock Sioux.

And the movement for Klamath food security and food sovereignty continues! See how you can take part this month.
Have questions? Got news? Talk to your local Food Security Coordinator, or Edith in the Berkeley office:, 510-643-9534. Thanks!

Klamath Food Sovereignty =
Solidarity with Standing Rock 

"If we can do this for Standing Rock, we can do this for our communities everywhere. We can take care of each other, and we can stand in solidarity."
- Annelia Hillman
Last month, news from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) had Grant Gilkison pondering how to do more. 
Video by Stormy Staats. 
Video by Stormy Staats.

Though supporters from the river had been donating, traveling and posting about the DAPL project's desecration of Sioux sacred sites and threats to trib al water, Grant, a Karuk Tribe member who works as Food Security Outreach Coordinator for Mid Klamath Watershed Council (MKWC), hoped the community might come together around preparing food for Standing Rock's water protectors.  

Sauce ingredients for Standing Rock.
Grant and Annelia Hillman, an educator and Yurok Tribe member, put their heads together with youth from the Climate Justice Coalition and put out a call for help on the Foodsheds Facebook page. The response was overwhelming. Donations of fruit, vegetables, and canning jars started rolling in from up and down the river. The Karuk and Yurok Tribes donated kitchen space for cooking and cash for expenses. Best of all, 45 people, tribal and non-tribal, adults, youth and kids, showed up to chop, peel, stir, can, dry and pack food from the Klamath Basin.

This Month on the River
Planting fall crops in Orleans. Photo credit: Grant Gilkison.

Mid Klamath Watershed Council

Chicken Butchering, Lard Making and Apple Pressing - Friday October 21st, across from the Bigfoot Statue, Happy Camp, CA. Come get your hands mucky! For more info, contact Indigo Mack,, 530-627-3202.

Happy Camp Harvest Dinner - cosponsored with the Siskiyou Arts Council. Friday Oct 28th, Happy Camp, CA. For more, contact Indigo.

Back to the Garden in Orleans and Happy Camp! Afterschool Thursday programs have started. Contact Grant Gilkison for more information,,  530-627-3202.

Karuk Tribe

The Karuk Tribe and our Food Security Team cordially invite all community members to participate in our continuing Food Security programs every Monday - Thursday in Orleans and Happy Camp. Regular activities include:
  • Orchard Fruit Survey and Traditional Food Harvest (Mondays)
  • Traditional Food Groves Assessment (Mon, Tues, Weds)
  • Food Processing (Tuesdays)
  • Herbarium Collection/Mounting (Thursdays)
  • Basketry Materials Collection & Weaving (Thurs and Sun, weather permitting)
Prescribed Fire Field Trip - Weds Oct 5th, 9am - 2pm, Orleans Elementary School, Orleans, CA
Hunting & Tracking Workshop - Weds Oct 26th, 5 - 7pm, Karuk Department of Natural Resources, Orleans, CA  
NOTE: Food Security staff are participating in TREX (Prescribed Fire Training Exchange) for food resource restoration during the first half of October, and may not always be able to respond to questions. Please cc any messages to Lisa Hillman, or Romnay Beck, or call us at 530-627-3446.
Klamath Tribes 

We're planting fall crops and 100 huckleberry starts, and we have chard, kale, radishes, beets, and lettuce for the asking. Come on by the Chiloquin Community Garden for produce, or to volunteer! For open times, contact Perri McDaniel, or 541-882-1487 x 235

Save the Date: Smokehouse Building Workshop - with instructor Chris Peters of the Yurok Tribe. November 4-6, Chiloquin, OR. To sign up for get more information, contact Perri.

Coming soon: Traditional Foods and Canning Workshops.
For more, contact Perri.

Chiloquin garden menu. Photo credit: Perri McDaniel. 
Yurok Tribe 

Fall starts are going in at the Klamath Community Garden. Our Food Tech is collecting mushrooms, and specimens for the planned Yurok Tribal Herbaria. Want to join in? Contact Chris Peters,, 707-464-1852. 
Community Calendar

Klamath Basin Youth Summit
October 7, 8, 9
Morek Won Community Center, Weitchpec, CA

Eco-cultural Endowment Fund Dinner Dance
October 15
Mid Klamath Watershed Council, Orleans, CA
Community garden bed. Photo credit: Edith Friedman

Wondering what, where and when to plant? Visit the
Mid Klamath Watershed Council Foodsheds pages 
for excellent free online info on the vegetables and fruits that grow best here, along with planting calendars, soil, and disease prevention advice.

Keep in touch with us! Find upcoming events, see photos, ask questions, let your neighbors know what's going on in the foodshed! All that and more on the   Foodshed Facebook page .

The Karuk Tribe's new Sípnuuk Digital Library supports food security and sovereignty with information on our regional food security issues, solutions and knowledge of traditional and contemporary foods and materials. Easy to use and open to all - sign up now!

The goal of the collaborative Klamath River Basin Food Security Project is to rebuild a sustainable food system that supports healthy communities, ecosystems and economies among the Karuk, Klamath and Yurok Tribes.
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