Century Ar
We help people create a living environment
that speaks intimately of those who dwell
there, honors the architectural legacy of
their home, and makes it an important part
of their own personal legacy.
News from CJ Hurley Century Arts,
June 2011 
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CJ Hurley Century Arts
Located in Portland, OR

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Recent Projects   

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Current and Recent Exhibits 

Hidden and Exposed Juried exhibit
Caladan Gallery

13th Biennial Oregon Made for Interiors Juried Exhibit
Maude Kerns Gallery

Call and Response Juried exhibit
CODA Gallery

Spring Show-New Juried Works
Portand Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery

The Quietude of Winter
Architectural Heritage Center

Fostering Harmony: The Symbiotic Relationship of Architecture and NatureJuried Exhibit
Architectural Heritage Center


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My heirloom quality, hand-painted monograms make memorable gifts that will be enjoyed for years to come.  They are popular for weddings, anniversaries, to commemorate a birth or just a special gift for any occasion.

Roycroft Renaissance Monogram

Hurley Monogram


More options and details on my website.   

Articles and Press

You can find most of our articles posted here. A few recent ones are highlighted below.


Hollywood Star News  

Creating a symbolic, personal statement  CJ Hurley designs one-of-a-kind friezes  

by James Bash
January 2011  


Old House Journal-Cover Story 

A Bungalow Education 

by Clare Martin 

February/March 2011

Old House Interiors Magazine 

Expert Advice: Choosing a Paint Palette
by Catherine Lundie
January/February 2011  

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Northwest Designer

NNWDC LogoWDC has a rich legacy as one of the founding groups of what became America's Studio Movement. The Studio Movement is what the Arts & Crafts Movement evolved into after mass manufacturing won out over hand-crafted production. I am proud to be a member of this historic group that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of contemporary art, while upholding the heritage of the hand-crafted in an over mechanized world. I am honored to be in the company of an amazing group of artists and craftspeople.

Roycroft Renaissance 
Master Artisan

Roycroft Renaissance LogoAs a Master Artisan of the Roycroft Renaissance, I have the honor and distinction of working to uphold an important part of America's artistic legacy, as well as the responsibility to keep alive the spirit of art as manifested throughout the ages. It is a rare opportunity and I see it as a great responsibility.

CJ press photos-Front view

"Creating paintings and interiors that fire the imagination, stir the deepest emotions, inspire the soul, and offer new things to explore upon each viewing is the most gratifying and satisfying thing I can do with my art."

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 Spring Greetings!  
We're still waiting for warm sun and nice spring weather here in Oregon, but we know the sun has come on strong for many of you! We hope you all had an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day weekend.  Our thoughts are with all of the people who have suffered tragic losses in the weather related storms around the world.  
New Articles on our website!   
We admit that it took us way to long to have the articles you want to read on our website!

Poetic Spaces

Many of you missed CJ's article published in Style 1900 and you've asked us to provide you a pdf for reading.  Poetic Spaces Creating Gesamtkunstwerk, the "Total Work of Art. is now posted here along with other articles and essays CJ has written. We encourage you to support Style 1900 magazine and order a back issue of the full magazine here

We're also in the process of adding some interesting 'recommended reading' and encourage you to check back regularly to see what you find of interest.
 Nice weather means
projects are underway....   
Windows are open, spring gardening is underway and now it is time to start planning for those restoration and renovation projects! We're pleased that some of you have been keeping us busy the past few months helping you with color consultations and getting designs ready for your carpenters to start building.


Painters who use a brush and execute on the details as we spec them, make us very happy!

If you have plans to paint this year, please call us and find out how Barbara can help you with your color choices.
Tile Restoration/Preservation

This amazing 1905 architect built home has aged very well with the exception of a small area of this bathroom tile. We're in the process of preserving all that we can and replicating the rest.

Exterior Preservation

This house is going through a major restoration this summer. CJ is currently designing the pergola that will soon grace the front.

Design, restoration, renovation, preservation projects?  We can help. Call us!
Arbor design by CJ

We strive to help people with their dreams of restoring their home's history while adding their own personal history in the process. Architecture is a living force, and it is constantly telling the stories of the people who have lived there in the past, and that live there now. We meld our love for this very personal approach to architecture with fine craftsmanship helping people add their own layer of history while being sensitive to all that came generations before. 
     Marcyk Completed Exterior
 Oregon Made for Interiors:
juried exhibit
 Dea Lunaris Vase detail

We are thrilled to have four pieces from our Falling Leaves co
llection accepted into the 13th Bienniel Oregon Made for Interiors exhibit!

Many of you have seen these pieces on exhibit in our traveling roomset, but this is the first time we have submitted individual pieces for display in a gallery setting.   Made for Interiors Exhibit

We are excited to have them on view to the public in this popular show
which focuses on furniture, textiles, and furnishings that are artist designed and hand-crafted, fine quality pieces. 

Falling Leaves Portiere

Custom Designed and  

Hand-made Portiere

On exhibit through J
une 24th
Maude Kerns Art Center

Located on the edge of campus at University of Oregon, Eugene in a great historic church building from the late 1800's.

Made for Interiors Exhibit

You can see more photos from the opening reception and some of our favorite pieces from other artists here.

CJ's Sketchbook is on tour!

Sketchbook Project 

The Void

of you already know that CJ took part in the international Sketchbook Project last year.  He spent every free moment during the year filling his sketchbook and we celebrated its completion at a  "going away party" for the book in January. 

Since February, almost 10,000 Sketchbooks from around the world have been traveling the country for public exhibition.  When it is all over, they will become part of the permanent collection of  The Brooklyn Art Library.

Check out the tour schedule and visit the project if it comes to your city.  Make sure you ask to check out CJ's book and let us know what you think

Sketchbook Project

Flowering Awakened One

Upcoming cities
Brooklyn, NY-through June 7th
Seattle, WA June 10-12
San Francisco, CA  June 16-18
Brooklyn, NY June 24-July 10
Chicago, July 14-17
Brooklyn, NY July 20-24
WinterPark, FL July 29-31

Then back to Brooklyn for permanent exhibit

Our intern, Cory, interviewed CJ several times this spring and compiled his notes about the meaning behind some of the images in CJ's book.  Here is one that CJ especially likes.  You can find other posts if you dig around the notes section of our public page.  More coming this summer too!
Please Save The Date!

CJ is having a solo exhibit of new work and you are all invited. If you plan to be in Portland, we hope you will make plans to attend the exhibit.  We would especially love to have you join us for the opening reception.

Painting Detail
"Houses, Landscapes, Flowers and Dreams: The Poetic Art of CJ Hurley"

An exhibit of paintings, drawings and poetry

Opening Reception
: August 5th 6-8pm

Work on exhibit through September 1st

Architectural Heritage Center

701 SE Grand Ave. Portland, OR

Where to find us

If you visit the Pacific Northwest, you can schedule an appointment to see our work in our private home showroom.  Here are some other places to find CJ's art. 

The Gamble House Gift Shop
Pasadena, CA


Ink on paper from  

"Houses, Landscapes,  

Flowers and Dreams"


It Shot It Hit
Portland Art Museum Sales Gallery
Portland, OR

"It Shot, It Hit"
Acrylic on cotton 

This painting is an abstract exploration of active Zen meditation through the vehicle of Kyudo (Japanese archery). It is an abstract illustration of the moment when the duality of the archer and the target dissolves and one is a part of the other. When the Buddha mind of the unconscious unites with the conscious, a state of selflessness occurs and the arrow can be loosed without effort. The shot becomes "spiritual" at this moment and is the shot that cannot be missed.

Roycroft Copper Shop Gallery
East Aurora, NY

"Rose and Moon"
India Ink and watercolor on handmade paper

Rose & Moon is the third in my series "Five Statements on The Rose". The series celebrates the phases in nature: growth, renewal, night, day, and the passage of time through the solar cycle and the moon's phases. These paintings explore the mystery of solar and lunar polarities. Given a male and female association, the lunar rose is the feminine principle, while the sun is the masculine.