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Post-war drawings by Abstract Expressionist painter Sal Sirugo (1920-2013)

Ranging in date, many of these drawings are modest in size, and in some cases measure just 2 x 3 inches. Sirugo referred to these small scale drawings as “miniature universes'' despite their size, they retain the presence and intricacy of earlier, larger works, condensing vast galaxies into tiny canvases. The absence of color in these ink drawings likewise converts the works into mesmerizing microcosms of space and time, evoking imaginary landscapes by surrendering form and saturation. The title of the exhibition comes from a 17th century album of Song and Yuan dynasty paintings that enchanted Sirugo, and the concept of “Within Small See Large” defined how he came to view his own work.

Sal Sirugo (1920-2013) was an Abstract Expressionist painter at the height of the mid-twentieth century art movement in New York. Beginning in the late 1940s, his career spanned the twentieth century and into the 2000s. In New York City, Sirugo was a member of The Club and showed his work at a number of 10th Street galleries. He had solo shows at the Camino Gallery and the Tanager Gallery, where he was a member.
After seeing a collection of Chinese paintings in Boston in 1953, Sirugo began working closely with ink and paper. He produced a series of abstractions based on suns and landscapes. Over time, by the late 1960s, experimentation with Chinese ink resulted in new compositions. Sirugo started exploring the dimensions of black and white painting early on because those shades were the most affordable paints. This did not inhibit Sirugo, however, it only emboldened him - he found no limitations to the dynamic possibilities of black and white, drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese masters who similarly chose to forego the heavy use of color.

During his long career, Sirugo earned several awards including the Emily Lowe Award, Woodstock Foundation Award, CAPS Fellowship, Longview Foundation Award and was twice a recipient of the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Award. 
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