Hello DEMA Show Online Exhibitor!

We are less than two weeks away from DEMA Show Online’s Trade Show! We’ve been receiving questions about how to create your profile, ways to optimize your profile, and inquiries about the various features available. Below you'll find a brief guide to help you better navigate the set-up process and get you ready for a great show.
What Should I Put in My Company Description?
This is your chance to talk about your company and what services or products you provide. Attendees can use a global keyword search (like Google search) so include specific keywords about your products and services that will make it easy for attendees to find you via search functions.

We also advise that you include links to subpages within your website or even have a direct Zoom Meeting link to a live meeting staffed by your sales team. This is where you can be creative and expand on the attendee experience with your brand.  
What is the Difference Between Product Categories and Product Listings?
For product categories, you will be able to select 5-10 (depending on your package level) prime categories for your product offerings. Attendees will be able to filter the exhibitor listing by selecting product categories. Again, these are limited, so be sure to only select the categories most relevant to your products and services.

Product listings is a field within your profile where you showcase your actual products.
What are Show Specials?
DEMA Show Specials are the special offers (discounts or Show-Only specials) that you are giving exclusively to DEMA Show attendees to entice them to buy your products during DEMA Show Online or as a result of your company exhibiting. 
What's the Difference Between Meeting Invitations and Messages?
Meeting invitations are for you to book an appointment time with a specific attendee or group of attendees.

A message is a personalized message that will be sent directly to an attendee's email inbox. 
Create & Optimize Your Profile with this Step-By-Step Tutorial
This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to set up your profile and optimize it to engage with the greatest number of attendees. We even walk you through the attendee side of the portal so you can better understand how they will be navigating the virtual marketplace.
Are You a Premium Exhibitor?
As a Premium Exhibitor, you have even more capabilities!

Watch this tutorial to learn how to best manage your inbound leads and how to conduct target prospect searches. 

Are you a Featured Exhibitor and want access to these features? Upgrade your profile today.